Tips to Deal With the Shower Leakage Maintenance and Repair


Proper maintenance is undoubtedly the key criteria to make sure the shower remains in good condition for a long time. If not maintained properly, it will start showing the signs of leakage and soaking within no time. A poorly maintained shower can cause the plasters to bubble out from the wall, and the paint will also come off.

The first step for maintenance is to run a thorough inspection. It’s not always the scenario where a visual glance will not prove to be enough for the inspection. Instead, you may require a special team inspecting the flaws minutely, and they must be qualified professionals who have a better understanding of the issues.

So, which of the areas in your shower need better attention?

  • Mending Cracked Tiles

As per the tile repairing experts associated with services of waterproofing in Melbourne, it is always advised to purchase the set of simple yet elegant tiles so that even if the shower tiles get broken in any way, it becomes easy to get another version of the tile quite easily.

Remember that it is the job of the professionals to replace your shower tiles without a glitch. At first, the grout needs to be removed followed by the cracked tiles. After that, the new tiles are to be installed using a strong adhesive. Also, the surrounding area needs to be refilled using the grout filling material.

  • Resealing the Grouts

It does not take much effort to maintain the tile grouts. In the case, you find out the traces of some minor cracks in the grout, all you need is to reseal the grout when the shower is entirely dry and clean. In the case, you are not comfortable with the re-sealing, it will be a wise decision on your part to ask for professional help.

  • Keep an Eye on the Movement Joints

The movement joints of the tiles that are basically the joining parts of the two walls are usually connected using a flexible silicone strip. Due to age issues, the silicon strips may get cracked, and that will lead to an unexpected movement in the structure.

The professionals associated with bathroom shower repairs in Melbourne will clean the area, dry it up and carry out an anti-mould treatment. A new silicon strip is then being installed on the treated area for fixing the damage.

Final Words

As a conclusion, it can be said that you need to get in touch with the repairing experts for fixing the shower leakages. However, you can get started with the inspection by yourself. But, remember that delaying to call the experts will only worsen the situation.



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