Tips to Extend the Longevity of Your Newly Painted Interior Walls


So finally you have given a stunning facelift to your outdated walls with vibrant coats of new paint and all you are wondering is how to make your wall paint last for decades. Well, the key to prolong the shelf-life of your interior paint starts from routine maintenance.

Here’s this blog underlining some practical guidelines to retain your newly-painted walls in good shape for the years to come.

Regular Maintenance is Key

If you have splurged on interior painting in Lane Cove, you would expect your newly painted walls to look great for a lifetime. Well, this is possible by adhering to some standard paint maintenance tips.

  • Clean Walls Regularly: You clean your floors regularly so why skip the walls? Regular cleaning of your painted walls especially in high-traffic areas such as hall room, bathroom, dining space and kitchen can extend the longevity of your interior paint. Pay due attention to less-exposed walls such as walls behind TV, switches and clean them using non-abrasive detergents and water at least once in a month.
  • Eliminate Dust from Walls: Over time, your interior walls accumulate heaps of dust which curtail the shelf-life of paint and make your walls look outdated too early. Regular dusting and wiping of your interior walls can eliminate tiny dust particles and debris from walls. You can take help of a clean and dry microfiber cloth to wipe the ceilings and vacuum your walls using a soft brush fixture.
  • Fix Damages Instantly: The problem of peeling paint, chipping or cracked paint is common if you have not applied high-quality paint at the initial stage. Moreover, improper surface preparation or wrong painting techniques can fetch the risk of chipped paint. Therefore, it’s important to touch up the flaws as early as possible not just to extend the shelf-life of your paint but also to keep your home look inviting and appealing. Make sure you fill-up dents, cracks, sand out imperfections by hiring professional interior painting in Parramatta to avoid further damage of bubbling paint.

Using Right Painting Supplies is Essential

If you want to derive the best out of your interior paint, it’s important to seek assistance from experts offering interior painting in Lane Cove who can arrange industry-compliant painting tools and supplies to retain your interior wall paint. Professionals make your wall paint last longer by these following ways.

  • Using specialised painting equipment: A long-lasting interior painting in Parramatta requires use of specialised paint brushes, spraying tools to deliver flawless outcomes. Interior painting specialists use industry-compliant tools and paint materials that can fulfil your purpose and make your investment worthy.
  • Using premium paint solutions: Professional painters use high-quality paints that can protect your walls from leakage, mould and pest infestation. The right painting techniques and flawless finishes ensure long-lasting results and make your interior paint last for decades.

Follow these tips and make your interior wall paint look great for the coming years. If you have further queries, do leave your comments.



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