Tips to Follow Like a Bond Cleaning Pro Before Handing Over a Rental Property


If you are thinking of moving out its worthwhile that you seek services from a reliable end of lease cleaning company so that the property is evacuated in spick and span condition. Always make sure to get the property and the premise cleaned before you hand over the keys to the landlord.

Although you may not be interested in taking that effort, here is a secret you will love to hear. Handing over the property in a great condition will only help you get back the bond without giving the landlord the chance to deduct anything from the amount. Follow the Bond Cleaning tips in Zillmere for assurance of getting back the entire bond amount:

Standard Cleaning

  • Cleaning the property right from its top to the bottom and from front to back. The process is truly systematic.
  • Sorting the cleaning items and storing them inside a designated bucket will make the process of cleaning easier and faster.
  • Performing the much effective dry clean processes like dusting or sweeping. You can even clean using a damp microfiber cloth.
  • Removing traces of dirt from the property.

Exterior Cleaning

  • Emptying up the shelves, cupboards and wardrobes and then offering a thorough cleansing process just like how Bond Cleaning professionals in Wavell Heights perform. Disinfecting and wiping them are also necessary.
  • Using glass cleaner for cleaning glass surfaces installed throughout the apartment.
  • Cleaning vents of an air conditioner and then ensuring that the filters have been cleaned and dried before putting them back into the system.
  • Removing dust from ceiling fans
  • Getting the curtains cleansed and re-hanging them back to position
  • Taking care of the furniture around the property and ensuring they are being cleaned properly.

Kitchen Cleaning

  • The oven needs to be cleaned. However make sure you are not using any kind of harsh chemicals for removing soot and grease from around the oven.
  • Clean filters near the hood of the kitchen chimney and find out if the lights are functioning well.
  • Removing all kinds of food scraps from different corners and make sure the sink hole is cleansed.
  • Wiping the counters and the cabinets.
  • Cleaning the fridge, dishwasher and the microwave oven.

Bathroom Cleaning

  • This might seem disappointing but yes you ought to clean the bathroom before leaving the property for good. Let us check how:
  • Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces which include the basin, shower and the toilet
  • Cleaning the floor and the doors alongside shower walls
  • Polishing the toilet well.

Follow these tips to ensure you hand over the property in perfect condition.



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