Tips to Increase the Life of Your iPhone Battery


In case you are sick of the battery of your iPhone running out a bit too often, you have only one thing to do. Change the battery and replace it with a new one.

Well, iPhone batteries are pretty costly, and you would simply not like to let your investment drain down once again! You cannot afford to make the same mistakes yet again. Hence, before you visit a company that does iPhone repairs in Wollongong, you need to make it a point that you will make the new battery last longer than the old one.

Update Your iPhone Regularly

As per the recommendations of Apple, you need to keep your iPhone equipped with the latest versions of software at any given point in time. If by any chance any particular version of any software is harmful to your battery, Apple will notify about the same and will make amends accordingly. But that’s an exception. Generally, your battery life extends if your iPhone has the latest version of the software version.

Dim the Brightness of the Screen

Do not decide to make your iPhone screen act as a torchlight. Refrain from blasting the screen with full brightness. It will not only eat up the battery but will subject it to unnecessary pressure, thereby reducing its life to a considerable extent.

Going by the recommendations of the makers of iPhones, it is best to use the auto-brightness feature. This feature will make the screen dimmer when you are indoor and brighter when outdoor.

Turning Off the Background Activity

Background activities will allow the apps to gather data even when the apps are not being used. However, this does not mean you have to close the apps. It indicates that you have the provision of closing certain background activities, like stopping the phone by force from pinging the email server.

Using Wi-Fi Whenever it is Available

Whenever your phone gets connected to Wi-Fi, you need to avail it, turning off your data network, so that the modem of your phone does not have to work hard, draining your battery and putting pressure on it.

Lower the Power Mode

Then again, if you really want to avert visits to the companies that do phone repairs in Wollongong, using a low power mode is the best way. A few may make the mistake of turning it on only when the device is on the verge of dying due to a lack of charge in the battery. This only puts unnecessary pressure on the battery, cutting down its life to a significant extent.



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