Tips to Plan Healthy Homes to Make It Allergy-Free


Both outdoor and indoor air has a huge impact on the quality of life especially if you are suffering from asthma. However, there is minimal that you can do about the outside, but you can do a lot for improving the air quality of your home. With proper and healthy home planning, you can easily make your home allergy-free.

Hence, if you are willing to remodel your home, then you must opt for healthy home design. Follow the tips given below to plan healthy home design for allergy-free home:

Heating, Cooling and Central Air

If your family members are suffering from allergies or asthma, then you need a plan on designing the heating, cooling and central air system to lessen the allergies inside your home.

  • Heat

In-floor and radiant heat systems have enormous benefits for allergy sufferers, as these heat radiant have been proven to reduce the spread of allergens present inside your home.

  • Cooling

Putting up central air conditioning systems with appropriate filters can reduce allergens from home. They can completely eliminate them from the interior environment. Also, it helps in minimising the allergy-causing agents like moulds and pollens. Hence, by installing central air conditioning system your home will be free from asthma and other respiratory diseases. Thus, for this setup, you can opt for hiring energy efficient home builder in Melbourne.

  • Central Air

You need proper input ventilation in your home to manage the airflow inside your home. You can do this by installing ventilation systems that will help to bring in the fresh air home and capture the pollutants present inside your home to filter them outside. However, being a homeowner, you must perform regular checks on the filters on a regular basis to ensure that your system is working right, and healthy indoor air quality.

Flooring materials

When renovating the floors of your home, you can use wood as it is one of the best for maintaining a healthy home environment, and it is highly moulded resistant. Hence, by installing wooden flooring when remodelling homes will contribute to allergy-friendly homes in Melbourne

VOC free painting

Many paints or varnishes consist of VOC (volatile organic compounds). If the VOC levels in your paint are ten times higher, then it can lead to asthma among children. Hence, when panting your home during remodelling, you need to opt for paints that compromises of minimal VOC.

Therefore, these were some tips for healthy home planning that will help in building an allergy-free home. Also, it is recommended for you to consult a certified energy-efficient builder to get the job done more effectively.



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