Tips To Use Steel Posts For a Trellis- Your Knowledge Base!


One good reason to use steel T-posts over wooden posts for your trellis is because they time convenient, and its arrow-shaped tip allows it to be driven sturdily into the ground.

So… if you want proper support for your light-weighted plants such as Morning Glories, then here are some surefire tips to using steel fence posts for your trellis.

  • Keep a set position at the centre for two outside steel posts spacing approximately 16-feet. For more visual clarity; you can use landscaping spray paint, chalk or flour.
  • Carefully drive a long t-shaped steel post (around 8 foot) into the ground mark with a t-post driver. Keep inserting till it’s arrow-shaded plate is totally buried, thus leaving 7-feet of post visible above the surface.
  • Keep hold of a livestock fence panel right against the inserted t-post and line up the topmost edge of the panel with the top of the t-post. If it seems too much for one individual to do, take help from friends to secure each of the posts properly.
  • Then wrap a 16-gauge wire around the panels and t-posts to ensure they are secured adequately. Look to affix the wires underneath the small hooks and make sure it has a firm grip. You can also use a pair of pliers to to twist the wire tightly, and for every steel post; employ 6-inches wire to enhance the tight hold.
  • Once you have done that; look to line up the secondary livestock fencing panel with the base of the primary panel. Secure it either with t-post clips or 16-gauge wire.
  • Properly wrap the extra wire strands to tie up both the fencing panels and maintain a 12–18 inches right through the length of the fencing panel.
  • And after all this, cut one shorter livestock fencing piece to fit into the space from the ground level to the base of the lower fencing panel. If you desire; you can also make use of wire cutters for trimming a 16-inch panel. Then properly secure it to the steel post right at fencing panels’ base.

Remember, the key to accomplishing a sturdy trellis are using quality galvanised steel fence posts in Brisbane and the right set of tools.

They Include:-

  • Measuring tape.
  • T-post driver.
  • Livestock panel fencing (measured 34 inches by 16 feet).
  • Wire cutters.
  • Pliers.
  • Landscaping spray paint, chalk or flour.

So, now all this is clear to you, get in touch with reputed steel fence post manufacturers serving your area and procure your durable steel posts in your desired measurements.



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