Top 11 Painting Tools You Will Require for a DIY House Painting Job


When it comes to choosing painting tools you should pay attention to picking something appropriate and good enough for the job. Actually, there is simply nothing better than investing your money in good quality painting tools for a paint job which is not just good enough, but fabulous. Basically there is a mistake in what homeowners buy every time they consider a DIY house painting plan. They are either investing in cheap quality tools or buying low standard paint, the end results of which turn out disastrous. So, here we will basically like to mention the top 11 tools you should have for you painting job:


Wall cleaner 

If you like to approach the job like a licensed painter in Perth first get a wall cleaner for cleaning the surface of the wall. Dirty walls prevent the paint from adhering to the surfaces causing bubbles to arise. That’s why professionals use a wall cleaner to prep up the surface.

Painter’s tape 

Among various tools you need for a paint job, the painter’s tape is an extremely important element. After applying it take a damp rag and apply over its edges for creating a seal. Take off the seal after 15-30 days.


For painting the trims like a professional from a reputed house painting company in Perth you will need a 2 ½ inch angled paint brush which is absolutely perfect for painting the trims and the cutting in.


Next in line we have a roller for you. Get the standard 9-inch roller with its synthetic core and a 3/8 inch long nap. Test the core before using it for a painting job.

Drop cloths 

Among the various must have tools we recommend for a house painting job this one deserves your attention. We are not asking you to purchase canvas to serve as a drop cloth, get a big sided old cloth which will cover up the area you don’t want to paint.

Paint brush cleaner 

For a newbie on the block, the paint brush cleaner will be of extreme great help. They help clean the brush while you continue adding coats.

Plastic bucket 

Experts have always said that it’s much simpler to pour the paint into a transparent bucket than drag those huge paint containers.

Roller trays 

Don’t invest in metal trays. We will rather advice you to purchase plastic roller trays which are strong and easy to clean.

Roller extension pole 

Interior house painters in Perth use this extremely utilitarian extendable roller pole to access different spaces.

Sturdy ladder 

A sturdy ladder can also turn out as the key to the success of your paint job. Get a six feet aluminium ladder which will allow you to access heightened spaces.

Touch-up tool 

For quick touch-ups you definitely can rely on this highly utilitarian tool. If you need touch-up in the middle the tool will come to your rescue.

When you want to achieve ideal outcomes from a DIY paint job, remember to use these tools which will add to the finesse of the job.



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