Top 3 Ground Rules of Choosing a Perfect Portable Generator for Camping


Are you planning for camping with your friends or family but yet to buy the essentials? You must realise that buying a generator is the very first thing you need to do to ensure uninterrupted power supply. It is one of the most reliable power sources and therefore you must find a one based on your camping needs.

Yes, your choice of the generator will depend on your needs! Right from how many days you are going to spend during camping or how much weight your car can take and even which model of car (caravan or RV) you are taking to the campsite – all of these criteria do matter in this case.

However, the list of criteria does not end here. You are required to go into other details before going for the final purchase. Let’s give you some practical insights rather tips that will help you to select the best camping generator.

Check the Efficiency Rating First

As soon as you come across the best portable diesel generator seller in Queensland, you should start your assessment based on the efficiency level of the generator. It is about fuel efficiency that means for how long it can give you the uninterrupted power supply when in use – that is the thing you need to know.

Check the efficiency rating of the generator and also consider the runtime and fuel tank size. Only going for more power supply is not the solution as it will automatically reduce the runtime. It will further increase the need for constant refuelling, adding numbers to your fuel budget.

portable generator

Check the Power Output

Consider it mandatory to calculate the power output of the generator you are going to buy for camping. However, for that first, you need to calculate the power requirements of your vehicle (if it is a caravan).

The calculation will be easy if you suppose a situation where you are switching on all the electrical components of your caravan at the same time and add the entire wattage amount. Then multiply the sum with the amp and voltage for each of the device you are having in your vehicle. In this way, you will be able to compare your power need with that of the power output of the generator you are going to purchase.

Check the Size and Weight

You will be already having much stuff in your caravan or any other vehicle you are taking out for camping. So, make sure you are done with the calculation of size and weight of the generator. The best portable generator meeting Australian Standard will not weigh more 20-30 kilos.

However, for the size, you need to check the size you have secured for carrying it and compare it with the size of the fuel tank for the generator. The size needs to be perfect so that the generator remains fine even in the bumps and jerks of the road to the camping site.

Along with other considerations, don’t forget to check these 3 mentioned criteria as these are the most important ones. Don’t only go by the discounts. Instead, check whether the generator you are about to buy is giving you the maximum value for money or not.



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