Top 3 Ill Effects Associated with Dirty Carpets You Can’t Afford to Miss



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Do you lack time and patience to clean your carpet due to hectic work schedule? Is it becoming dull and gloomy day by day? Carpets play a vital role in sprucing up your interior decor and adding value to your home. However, if your carpet turns black at the edges or gives off a musty odour, it will not only leave a negative remark on your guests but invite potential health hazards as well. There are a host of liability concerns associated with dirty carpets which you should take care in advance before it’s too late.

  • Bacterial Infection from Dirty Carpet

If you have installed a costly carpet at your living space and do not opt for carpet cleaning in Bundoora it will become prone to bacterial infestations. Once bacteria start residing on your carpet, they will damage the delicate fibres by releasing harmful toxins. Apart from bacterial infections, dull carpet may also pose a risk to your immune system making you prone to harmful diseases. For elders and others who are under critical medical treatments and have weak immune systems, it might lead them to get hospitalised at the worst.

  • Skin and Respiratory Disorders from Pet Urine

If you are fond of pets and have a furry friend at home, it’s likely your carpet will develop sticky stains due to pet discharge. Did you know the biggest problem with pet urine? Pet stains, especially released from cats give off excess ammonia which can invite a number of potential health hazards. Moreover, if you forget to treat pet stains in advance, it might make the task even more difficult. Some commonly encountered diseases associated with pet stains include COPD, asthma, dust allergies, skin infections and many more.

  • Additional Cost of Repairing Rotten Floors

In most carpets, carpet padding is located at the top right-hand side of your subfloors. Years of untreated pet urine, dirt, stains and other pollutants not only cause your expensive carpet to rot but may give rise to various ill effects on the floor underneath. Having a subfloor in poor condition can invite potential risks of falling, injuries etc and even turn out to be a major concern at the time of selling your property in future. Rotten floors can be a major turn down for the new owner and subsequently, you will lose out on the best deal.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are other ill effects associated with dirty carpets that may cause a lot of trouble. If you lack time to clean your carpet regularly, you can reach the carpet specialists offering carpet cleaning in Brightonwho can perform the task with perfection and care.



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