Top 3 Signs You Need to Change the Thermostat of Your Refrigerator


Among all other appliances, refrigerator is the most used item in modern homes. The latest models come with advanced auto-cooling technology and sensors that regulate the temperature inside and keep your food fresh. With all these conveniences, you often miss out on the regular upkeep and it leads to various technical glitches.

If you suddenly notice that your food isn’t that cool as you expected or the drinks smell bad, your fridge might be suffering from a thermostat problem.

Fridge is Not Cool

The role of a thermostat in a freezer or a refrigerator is crucial as it regulates the temperature inside your fridge and allows you to make necessary adjustments as and when required. If you don’t find the accurate temperature inside your unit, you need to fix the thermostat without delay.

To test the condition of the thermostat, you need to rise a degree to check whether the compressor is working properly. In case the compressor fails to start, there might be a problem with some other components inside your fridge.

Check the temperature after 24 hours. If you find no change, you should opt for fridge repairs in Ryde to replace the thermostat.

Fridge Getting Cold than Usual

If the food freezes within the other compartments of your refrigerator, it indicates that your thermostat is malfunctioning. In general, it’s better to change the thermostat rather than fixing it. Before you opt for repairing services, test it with an appliance thermometer.

Raise the thermostat up to two degrees and wait for another 24 hours to check whether the food is freezing. If you still find some areas becoming too cold than usual, you need to  change your refrigerator’s thermostat.

Use the Right Thermometer for an Accurate Reading

The best way to check whether the thermostat is operating properly or not is by using a separate thermometer. It’s better not to rely upon the thermostat as it might not give you the actual reading. The companies offering fridge repairs in Bankstown use a bimetallic-coil thermometer to get the actual reading.

Place it in the proper section and keep a track of the temperature for a few days. Keep on adjusting the thermostat to get the desired result. If you find no such fluctuations even after all these experiments, it strongly indicates your thermostat needs an immediate replacement.

If you confront any of the symptoms mentioned above, do not delay to contact the professionals offering reliable fridge repairs and get your thermostat fixed in no time.



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