Top 4 Home Renovation Blunders You Must Avoid at All Costs


Planning for a modern home upgrade has never been so easy, especially for homeowners who lack expertise in the domain. From sketching the base architecture to implementing the designs, it takes a lot to complete a house renovation task within a stipulated deadline and budget. Though it may seem overwhelming and exciting to take up a house renovation project, in reality, it’s not so and homeowners who take the plunge alone, often end up making these costly blunders.

Improper Planning

To undertake a house renovation job, the first and foremost thing is to design a fool-proof plan. Deciding where to place your laundries, how to design walls, kitchen layouts and living room requires sufficient amount of time and profound house decor skills. Unfortunately, homeowners who lack the expertise, fail to understand the importance of planning well-designed home renovations in Melbourne and end up wasting space.

Undervaluation of Costs

House renovation involves significant investment. From constructing retaining walls, installing functional fixtures, designing space-maximising layouts and incorporating top-notch accessories, you have to always add a minimum 30% extra cost to your existing budget to ensure the work is done as per your expectations. People, who don’t consider adding additional costs to their budget, end up getting work stuck in the middle and losing their valuable time.

Not Hiring a Construction Company

House renovation is not something to be done single-handedly and most people fail to realise this. While it’s good to design a building plan exploring the best of your creative skills, it’s always wise to seek advice from professionals offering home renovations in Melbourne to make your space functional and accessible. Whether you need a loft conversion, laundry renovation or a kitchen extension, building contractors are the best to guide you as they have solid industry knowledge in construction services and can help you get the job done within a promised time and budget.

Choosing the Lowest Quote

It’s a common tendency among homeowners to place trust on a company offering the lowest bid and not comparing the rates with the other providers. Putting your hard-earned money for inferior quality materials, accessories and fixtures don’t make any sense. It can further wreck your building and overburden your pocket with costly repairs in future. Your house is a precious asset and therefore it’s not at all wise to go for the lowest bid without comparing the standard market rates.

Hope you are now aware of the costly mistakes to avoid while planning for a house renovation job. If you like this post, share with your friends and families.



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