Top 4 Security Measures for Your Motorhomes


We all love travelling; that much is certain. But considering the increasing cost of travels and hotel tariffs, people these days have to resort to alternate ways of travelling. But that’s nothing to sneeze at because motorhomes for instance have become extremely popular with travel enthusiasts these days. Contrary to perception, these multipurpose vehicles are not a new concept by any means because for years now, these vehicles have been heavily used by travellers who are looking for something different. What’s more, there are several companies these days that offer motorhomes for sale in Perth at cost effective rates.

But considering the fact that these vehicles are more like moving houses, security can become a concern for some. It’s true that these vehicles are made with pretty strong materials, but still you never know what dangers you might end up facing. Precisely for this reason, it’s imperative that you undertake certain security measures if you want to protect and maintain your vehicle in the long run.


Where you store your motohome when they are not in use will greatly decrease or increase the chances of getting vandalised or stolen. If possible, you should always store your vehicle in a locked building. If this is not possible, you should at least secure them behind closed gates or use any devices which ensure that the vehicle is not driven off your premises. Also, make sure the motorhome isn’t in plain sight at all times.


Needless to say, alarms are undoubtedly one of the best audible deterrents which can alert people if there is a potential break in or theft. These alarms can usually include range from relatively cheap DIY fitted alarms to advanced ones equipped with motion sensors and tested rigorously to ensure its effectiveness. Some insurance companies might ask you to install alarms in your motorhomes if their value is high enough. They might even give you a discount on the premium if you have a well fitted alarm in your vehicle.


Most modern motorhomes are factory fitted with immobilisers which prevents the engine from getting started without the use of the key. This ensures that thieves can cross wire to start your car.

Tracking devices

These days, almost all motorhomes or campervans for sale in Perth are equipped with dedicated tracking devices. This not only provides an excellent way to deter criminals, but also recover your motorhome in case they are stolen.



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