Top 4 Types Of Carpet Stains That Give Pros Run For Their Money


During their carpet cleaning careers, professionals have to go through a lot of highs and lows. While they get assignments of taking on carpets that are only a few months old and are well maintained (a job that turns out to be a mere cakewalk), they also have to go through the nightmare of cleaning carpets that have not been cleaned since ages!!

Here on this page, let us discuss the 4 worst types of stains that leave even the pros with sleepless nights.

Red Wine stains and stains of coloured beverages

Red wines can very well create horrific stains on carpets, more so on the ones with light shades and it takes a lot to eliminate them, if not removed while they are fresh. The intervention of the professionals is a MUST, and even they have to follow specific methods to remove them.

The same can be told about the stains left over by coloured beverages.

  • Pet Stains:- For households with pets, pee stains are a perpetual problem. But it is not just the owners of the pets who are struck hard by this problem. The pros who have the responsibility of cleaning the stains feel the heat as well. When it comes to taking on pet stains, the best carpet cleaners adopt various ways, depending on the extent and age of the stain and the type of carpet they are dealing with.
  • Coffee Stains:- This is another pain area that the professionals have to deal with while cleaning carpets. The very ingredients present in coffee are responsible for the filthy stain that coffee spills will leave on the carpet if they are not cleaned properly. The noticeable brownish-yellow stain is at times mistaken as pet scat and hence, must be removed altogether — something that is easier said than done.
  • Ink stains:- There is no prize in guessing that ink stains wreck havoc on the fabrics of the carpets as well. At times, they will even destroy the carpet material without any recourse whatsoever. However, the process followed by the pros and the cleaning agents they use to make sure that they can get rid of these ink stains, but only after a hard day’s work.

So you see, when it comes to taking these 4 types of stains on the carpet, nothing short of summoning seasoned professionals will suffice. However, when doing so, you need to hire a seasoned one with considerable experience under the belt. Perhaps, it is clear by now that messing with these carpet stains is a risky business after all!



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