Top 5 Revolutionary Benefits of Foam Rendering for the House


When it comes to providing structural integrity to the roof and protecting walls from the climate change, a wide range of applications is available today. When it is about preserving the strength and durability for a long run, homeowners look for some reliable options, and foam rendering is one of them.


Experts on the installation of foam rendering in Melbourne agree that it provides support to the brick walls that keep them sturdy for the years to come. People mostly choose to render their existing house, as it not only prevents the noise pollution but also works as a better insulation system while cutting your energy bills. There are more such advantages you would find below-

  • Reduced energy consumption: The main advantage of using foam render is insulation that is achieved due to the presence of polyurethane. Polyurethane is three inches thick to insulate your home wall. The thick rendering reduces the chance of energy loss that ultimately decreases the cooling and heating demands. With the proper application, it works more like an insulator that absorbs the unwanted sounds and ensures pleasant atmosphere inside.
  • The good finishing: When you look at a wall, what is the first thing comes to your mind? It could be the colour, texture or anything that looks either good or does not match with the existing wall finish. Well, if you feel something missing, a right touch of rendering can help you to achieve a suitable design, style and colour that could give you attractive and standard looking wall.
  • Easy to install and maintain: Here it comes one more amazing benefit of foam rendering that it is easy to maintain and install. According to the dimension of the wall, a few equipment is used to place foam renders. In this way, you can rectify the faults and keep the beauty intact at the same time.
  • Thermal insulation: Materials being used in the foam render are graded to optimise the energy performance. This is the unique facility that you can’t find in any other alternatives. Overall, it could be the economic way to save energy.polystyrene-wall-cladding-melbourne
  • An investment for a long run: One more reason why you should use foam rendered wall is the affordable choice than other types of rendering. Except for the initial investment, you don’t have to pay a single buck for replacement or maintenance of the walls.
  • Increased value of the property: So, whether you want to increase the aesthetic appeal or plan to secure your wall with better support, no alternative could be as better as foam rendering. A protected and energy efficient wall can help you achieve the maximum value of a property that you have planned to sell in the near future.

Well, foam rendering is most sought after rendering service in St Kilda that people use to render external walls. It is a superior method that gives your exterior wall a smooth finish for your home or extension. In addition to this, if you want to blend the extended part of your property with existing house, foam cladding could be the ideal solution for you.



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