Top 7 Hacks to save Some Money on Tiling


Have you recently learned that your bathroom needs a refurbishment? There is no point in living in a spacious and organised house with an ugly toilet where the tiles are broken, or water is always dripping from the taps. However, the thought of spending thousands of dollars is possibly dragging you back at this point.

Well, you should keep such thoughts aside for now as you can save a lot of money by making the tiling a cost-effective process. You must be wondering that how is it possible to save money on the tiling and utilise the saved amount on fixtures and other features!

Go through the following to find out.

• Calculate your budget

At the very first stage, you are required to start with a comprehensive planning for the budget. It will let you set a clear goal to finish off the entire process of high-quality bathroom renovations in Melbourne without crossing a definite expense limit as well as make your purchase decision focused.

Bathroom Tiling in Melbourne

• Plan for the plumbing beforehand

You are required to plan for the plumbing before the tiler starts the installation process. In the case you allow the plumbing to be done after the tiling is done, a lot of tiles will get broken and damaged to make the holes in the wall as well as in your pocket too.

• Research is the key

Going by the intuition and picking up any of the random tiling service providers in the market will not only cost you but also degrade the quality of work. Therefore, ask for recommendations and referrals to find out that one company that offers comprehensive tiling services at an affordable price.

• Price comparison will make the process cost-effective

Compare the price and quotes you receive from different companies to make sure that you are not investing it wrong. To make sure the process remains profitable, don’t settle down before you get the best price and that too from reputed company having many professional experts working for it.

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• Mix and match high priced tiles with the cheap ones

Another smart move you can make is to buy both the packs of inexpensive and high-priced tiles. Just because it is cheap, that does not mean it will not make your bathroom appear interesting. Check out the subway tiles available in the market and place those following an angular way to create an interesting pattern on the wall.

• Don’t throw away the damaged tiles

Stop yourself from throwing away the damaged tiles that may get broken during installation. Have you ever seen an interesting wall texture made of colourful broken tiles? You can also do the same with the damaged tiles you have got. Talk to the professional expert associated with tiling in Melbourne for many years now. They will suggest you some creative ideas to recycle the damaged tiles and save a whole lot of money at the same time.

• Keep the design minimalist

Choosing a minimalistic design for your entire bathroom will be a great idea. Use the light fixtures and other bathroom accessories smartly without too much addition to creating a simplistic yet appealing design without investing a whole lot of money.



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