Top Designing Trends in 2020 for Your Foyer or Entryway


While choosing interior designs for bedroom, living room and other parts of your home, we often forget to consider the foyer or entryway. These areas hold equal importance as other parts of the home. After all, these are the areas that welcome your guests! So, why give your foyer afterthought?

With pro interior designers in Beaconsfield, you can use some clever design features to get organised and brighten the space and make the best possible impression on the guests. Just communicate your expectation with the professionals and make an entrance worth your entryway.

  • Patterned Floors:If your foyer looks a little backdated, then try something unexpected with hardwood floors. Why not try a pattern like chic chevron blends to add interest to your space without making it too distracting.
  • Textured Runners:Adding area rugs can give your place a warm welcome. If your foyer includes a space with long stretched space, lying a carpet or rug along the way can make your entryway seem larger.
  • Try Some Abstract Artwork: Besides prints, portraits and innovative structure to the foyer, try some abstract arts that can give you the freedom to experiment with different shapes and colours matching your foyer.
  • Include Some Fab Fixtures: Lighting plays the main role if you want to make a grand entrance for your guests. So, what about the chandelier in a white foyer? It can do doubt add the silver-like spark to your place.
  • Define The Place With Furniture:Is your home a part of open plan living? An entryway can be tricky enough to design. So, it’s important to define the foyer properly to stand out from the rest of your space with colour and furniture. It is important for visitors to know where the entry ends and where the living area begins. You may define it by well-placed bookcase or table or locker set that can clearly indicate the guests where to stash their stuff. And, if your foyer is too small to place furniture, try using bold colours or even wallpapers to bring attention.

Apart from working on these aspects, you can ask your interior design professionals in Berkhamsted to add a smart storage solution, proper seating arrangement, or use of mirrors to make a tight foyer space look wide. And finally, look around your entryway and ask yourself if this is the foyer you have been admiring so far or you need something more to define your entry space. Also, check how guests feel while walking through the front door. Following these few things can let you make most of your entrance space.



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