Top Indian Non-veg Combo Meal Recipes That You Must Try


As commonly said: ‘There is no love sincerer than the love for food’! The following are the must-try combo platters:


Who doesn’t love chicken? All of the non-vegans dearly love any dish made of chicken! A whole platter consisting of chicken, some salsa, spring onions, cherry tomatoes and various dips is too good to have!


A lot of non-veg combo meals in Jalan Besar is best suited if you are visiting the restaurant for a full course meal! The thalis (huge circular plate) are so huge that you will not be able to finish it all alone! The korma is an authentic dish that has some unique blend of spices. It is best enjoyed with soft naan rotis or goes well with paranthas too! The platter normally offers 6 to 7 things. Chicken korma, lamb korma, Tandoori naans, kulchas, yogurt dips, a sweet and of course a bowl of rice or pulao for the ones who love rice!


This platter is the most reviewed and dearly loved by people. Tandoori foods are that nonveg stuff that is marinated in various sauces and mixtures and then grilled using a coal-based grilling system. The tenderness of the meat and the smoky smell of the coal is sure to melt your taste buds. This platter will be of all sorts of savory delights and if you have a sweet tooth then you will have to order desserts separately! But overall opting for this platter is advisable for those who love to munch on spicy food items!


Of the many platters, the fish platter is the go-to option for all seafood lovers. The platter normally contains A to Z items that are either made of fish or inspired by it. You get to eat a lot of variety of fish kebabs. Some are roasted the other ones are either grilled or just boiled in some lip-smacking sauces! Along with it, your platter will contain various types of dips and sauces. Have you heard of fish biryani?  The platter supposedly has this too! To complete the platter, you will have a dessert accompaniment supposedly a gulab jamun!

Your quest for Indian food in Jalan Besar will end in a great way if you opt to go for combo meals. These meals are so tasty, nutritious and pocket friendly that you will feel truly delighted!



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