Top Motorcycle Etiquettes You Need to Keep In Mind


Well, it is certainly cool to hold the front handlebars of a motorcycle and drive through roads. But, one must not forget that a motorcycle too is a vehicle and riding it must be followed by a set of certain etiquettes. As a matter of fact, when you ride a vehicle, you must keep in mind that you’re riding a VEHICLE.

Aye aye mates! They are actually fuel efficient but, are much more dangerous than four wheelers. Yes, it may not suit your opinions. You’ve got to keep this in mind that you’ve got to drive a motorcycle carefully. However, that doesn’t mean you’re going to carelessly drive a car.

Let’s come to know few of the motorcycle facts that may help you in a safe and sound ride. Read on to find them out. Come on…

Buy a Motorcycle Logically

You’re buying a motorcycle for you. You’re not doing it to show off. You’re doing it for your need. So, choose a motorcycle that is best fitted to the personalised needs of yours. Don’t forget to check if the size of your body matches to the size of a motorcycle in a perfect way or not. When you’re buying one, sit on it first. Check if both of your feet are reaching the ground flatly instead of dangling a little bit over the surface. Make sure your feet are touching the ground comprehensively.

Your hands should reach the handlebars without even the slightest attempt of stretching them. Notice if you can handle the size of the bike on the road.

Do keep in mind that it is not about looks but about necessities you’re buying a bike.
Let’s Do Something More

Have you heard of antilock brakes? It can be expected that you did. Antilock brakes are available in a variety of models and, you should read it for sure, is the SAVER OF YOUR LIFE. Yes, it is true that the improved mechanisms of these brakes ensure the rider that safety, which could assure the continuity of his/ her life. These brakes work in a technology that allows the rider to steer in a condition not favourable to drive the vehicle. Mostly, the riders stop a bike in a sheer shock of panic, which does not, at that time, allow them to steer the wheel. The antilock brakes help the rider in steering even at the time of an emergency stop. It also proves to be very helpful on slippery roads wearing a DOT helmet or one of the novelty helmets.

It has been estimated that 30% riders of bikes with anti-lock braking system possess a less chance of falling into road accidents. So, it is time for installing one in your bike.

C for certification

Well, if you’ve got to drive a bike, you’ve got to learn it first, and that too from certified teachers of government authorised institutes or training schools. As a matter of fact, it is much better to learn the do’s and don’ts of a road before you actually set those wheels on your way. Learning anything from the basics is a correct way to do anything. Besides, there are a lot of motor training centres, institutions or schools available at your area. So, no matter whether you have a Harley Davidson Road Bike or a set of newly bought Harley t-shirts, you’ve got to give yourself the opportunity to learn.

Everything has to be learnt first in order to conduct them. In the light of this logic, going to a motor training school before getting on the seat of your bike is going to give you a long lasting happiness.

Buying a bike is not about style, it’s always about perfection and correct utilisation. If you can maintain it, no one is stopping you from purchasing the bike of your dreams.



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