Top Physical Security Trends in the Year 2021


The year 2020 was truly an unexpected year as no one seemed to pay heed to the upcoming disastrous and life-changing COVID-19 pandemic! Now that 2020 is almost over, we go to be well prepared for the upcoming years. One great thing to implement is the ability to secure oneself and their surroundings!

This blog post is all about letting you know of the various trends that need to be popularized in the upcoming years to gain a lot of resilience in regards to the security. Have a look at the following trends:

  • The use of Artificial Intelligence:

At such times when the pandemic demands social distancing, it is practically not possible for the security guards to monitor and check each and every individual like earlier times. Hence artificial intelligence plays a key role in making this task a lot easier! The artificial intelligence finds its use in a number of places such as the monitoring of false alarms, doing video analytics and improving the operator efficiency! It paves way advanced proactive monitoring solutions in a number of fields.

  • Application of Remote Technology Solutions:

With the combination of the new technologies as well as the traditional guarding techniques, the security companies in Brisbane have explored and come up with virtual guarding benefits! Use of software for the true alarm detection, monitoring via the mobile as well as the use of drones for perimeter guarding needs to be popularized at a larger scale. Such remote technology solutions are a savior when it comes to running businesses thereby following all the social distancing norms as advised by the World Health Organization.

  • The Advent of Visual Verification:

One of the latest trends that will enable the safe operating of businesses is the use of visual verification. It provides contactless services and reduces a lot of pressure on the local policing authorities. This is a great way of reducing operational charges and boosting the employees’ morale.

In case you lack a security guard on your premises so it is high time that you opt for one! The security guards in Brisbane have been into expert training that paves way for them to deal with future situations. Our security is becoming a major threat due to the increasing unemployment and prices of the essential commodities. One must stay updated with the above security trends and apply it to their lives on an urgent basis.



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