Top Product Video Editing Apps in the Year 2020


Creating product videos is not anybody’s job – to start with. Indeed, the product videos, when cleverly created and edited with the market dynamics in mind, go a long way to create an impact on the psyche of the potential customers, thus promoting the products and the brand thereof. 

That is the reason, it is always imperative to opt for a quality company that is home to some of the best video editors who would come up with impeccable product videos that will serve the purpose of the stakeholders. Now, these professionals would use state of the art video editing apps to come up with astounding videos. Here on this page, we discuss some of the most fascinating apps that have of late become popular in 2020. 


This is one of the best and the most happening video editing software that has become extremely popular of late. It is a tool that helps in automatic video editing. It comes up with the option of selecting music or using tracks suggested by the clients. It is a cool editor that is good for short product videos and is an efficient one as well. 

Adobe Premier Pro 

This is an advanced editing software, already extremely popular amongst professionals who are into making product videos anywhere in the world, and Brisbane is no exception. When there is a need for too many graphics, this is the tool that the pros use and using it is more than enough. 

Final Cut Pro 

This is another app that makes all the difference in the world of video editing. It supports 360 as well as HDR footage, and it includes Mac Touch Bar support, along with more than 100 audio and video effects. It is fantastic when it comes to color correction. In short, this is a perfect app if the professional is looking forward to lending a cinematic look and feel to the video clip.  


This is surely one of the most fascinating tools that is adored immensely by the professionals who design and develop product videos in Brisbane like in any other part of the world. It user-friendly, yet it comes with cutting edge features like 360 footage editing, keyframing, motion tracking. And it is compatible with 4K also. It comes with user-friendly tutorials so that the pros using it for the first time will not have hardship negotiating it. 


It is a Mac as well as a Windows-friendly tool that supports a vast number of video formats, allowing the makers to create proxies, and edit massive video files at a lower resolution. It also comes with an easy timeline editing and is best for video clips to be released on social media for promotion. 

Hence you see, you need to opt for a company that has pros working with these tools when it comes to investing in a company that will design and develop a product video for you. 



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