Top Themes to Choose for Your Party Photo Booth


If you are going to plan on a party for your dear ones, then the thought of adding a photo booth will be a great option. You might have had a theme planned out, so why not inculcate a photo booth of the same theme by customizing them with your creative ideas!

People enjoy themselves in a party because of two pivotal reasons, one being the food and the other being the hospitality. You can add a tint of hospitality to your party by installing a photo booth. You can opt for an open or a close booth, depending on the age and criteria of your guests. You might Google out by typing Cheap Photo booth Hire in Melbourne, by doing so you will get a lot of options to choose from!

If you are not confident upon the choice of theme, then you may seek help and take ideas from the following themes:

  • You can opt for a gold sequin backdrop. You may use glimmer sequins say of 50mm diameter to create a sensational backdrop for your guests. This DIY photo booth is too easy and absolutely stunning in appearance and helps get good gleaming pictures.
  • For a fresh start to your life, say at the occasion of marriages or conducting a party on getting a new job, to celebrate the new beginning, you may use a garland backdrop! This backdrop must be of fresh flowers, such which can smell good for around 4-5 hours! This will greatly symbolize your theme and make you stand out from the crowd.
  • The next thing that can be done is to use the different colored papers, cut them out into tiny bits and write small quotes or names on them. This will be exciting as you can mention the guest name on them and ask them to search for the quote that leads to their name! A photo booth which will be a fun game and serve to be a quirky backdrop!
  • You may also try a DIY doily backdrop for your photo booth. You can use several doilies of different colors and patterns and cover up the entire wall and create an interesting backdrop.

Parties can be made fun by installing such booths. Hope the above options help you to create huge sense of enjoyment and uniqueness. You can opt for party photo booth hire services in your upcoming parties, if you have not done it before. It is common notions that photo booths help create immense memories for you to cherish a lifetime. They also bring out the lost child in you!



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