Top Timber Flooring Combinations to Adopt in 2018


Despite so many tiles and marble designs available, wooden floors continue to be a popular flooring option. So, if you are looking to refurbish your interior floors, then you should consider this as an option. Wooden floors instil a different kind of ambience to your homes, something which you can showcase proudly in front of your guests. Plus, they tend to require little maintenance and last for a fair length of time.

Irrespective of what type of timber flooring you want, the best part is that you can be sure that it will blend with your other decor elements. It will add warmth and character to the room which no other type of flooring can. Take a look at some popular timber flooring trends in Melbourne to adopt. Have a look.

The Colour Trends:

The desire of wider and longer predictable and neutral floors will continue even in 2018. If you want a minimalistic floor design and these options are good. However, if you are thinking of making a statement, then deep stained wooden floors which contrast white coloured cabinets (also in rave) will be a good option. ‘Olde English‘ and ‘Antler‘ are 2 good options to try to spur a striking appearance.

floor colours

If you seek for something in between the neutral and dark then you can always go for blonde wooden floors. The use of blonde wood will make your space look brighter, bigger. Plus another thing is that if you haven’t cleaned it up for a week or so, it will hide this better than its dark shaded counterpart.

If You Want Something Out Of the Box, you can always choose engineered timber floors in Melbourne. Grey floors brings out something different to any given colour and regardless of whether you have dark coloured sofa sets or wall decor or something subtle. You will not come across a versatile option as a grey floor.

The Finish N Texture Trends:

Wooden floors involve numerous factors to consider. Colour is the primary factor, but the others are choosing the right finish and texture. Last year, both hand-scraped, and wire scraped textures were quite popular amongst homemakers and with the looks of it that will pertain in 2018 as well.

timber flooring

If you look for hand scraped, you can expect a rustic, natural and handcrafted. Simply put, it gives out an expensive look and you ought to love expensive.

On the contrary, if you are looking for wire scraped floors, you can expect a more aged and distressed floor appearance. The intentional looking scratches look stylish (much like you find in ripped jeans) and if you have pets at home, this option is a good one.

As for its finishes, those superlative glossy wood floors have cascaded away. The popular trend presently is going for something understated. River Plank, River Edge involves a matte finish and appears more real.

Satin finishes are also a good option as it involves 40% lustrous and the rest a rustic appearance.

The Pattern and Layout Trend:

Last year, homemakers were seen getting quite creative with angles and geometric patterns. Herringbone Wood designs, Diagonal or angle shaped wood floors and wide plank floor designs such as drawbridge and Coat of Arms are great variants to adopt.

These are some possibilities which you can introduce into your living space. Have a word with a reliable flooring expert and discuss which of these options will blend into your existing interior decor stupendously. They have the experience and will surely be able to help you out.

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