Use Your Car Lights Correctly As Guided By the Driving School in Ryde


There are many types of light in a car and it is important to use them correctly otherwise you may break the road safety rules end up in paying fines. The different lights on the vehicle have different uses and here we will discuss how to use them while on the road.

Using the Brake Lights

Quite naturally, these lights are switched on automatically when you push the brakes of your car to stop it. This helps the driver of the car behind you to push their breaks too otherwise there is a possibility that he may hit your car. So, you need to make sure that the brake lights of your car are working properly at all times to avoid accidents. You can ask someone from the driving school in Wetherill Park to stand at the back of your car to check if they are working properly when you hit the brakes. And if both of them do not light up or only one of them lights up, do get them checked by a mechanic.

Using the Fog Lights

Fog lights are high beam lights on the rear of your car to help other drivers see you in the fog. You must use these lights when the visibility is low in a fog. However, you must never use the light in clear weather otherwise you may end paying fines.

Using the Side Lights

Sidelights are small indicator lights on the front corners of the car. With these on the number plate on the back and the rear lights also get switched on automatically. You should use these lights when you park on a road at night where the speed limit is more than 30 miles per hour. This will help other drivers to understand that your car is parked on the road.

Using the Hazard Lights

Similar to the sidelights, the driving school in Ryde recommends that you must the hazard lights when your car is parked for repair or any other purpose at the side of the road. This will also help you to avoid fines.

Using Headlights At Full Beam

Use these lights for better visibility when it’s too dark and you are on a road with little or no traffic. However, you must switch back to the dipped headlights when there is a car approaching from the opposite direction.

There are several other guidelines too that have been laid out by the reputed driving school in Wetherill Park. To follow them you can visit their website or talk to them personally.



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