Vital After Care of the Lash Lifting: Read it out !!!


Who doesn’t like to have a pair of attractive eyes that are perfectly adorned by the artificial lashes? Lash lifting is one of the popular beauty treatments that are very popular in Australia.

Looking at the other side of the excitement of the divas, many women are afraid of having this beauty treatment because of some wrong notions. Most of them think that it needs a lot of time to take care of the lashes for the rest of their lives.

No worries pretty ladies!!! Here are some vital points talking about the aftercare of lash lift that takes very little time.

  1. Avoid moisture, water, and steam for the first 24 hours

First thing first, your lashes are very fragile and malleable at the primary stage. So, you must ensure that you are not going to expose the lashes to moisture, or steam.  You must follow it sickly, at least for the first 24 hours of having the lash lifting procedure. Also, make sure that your lashes do not get in contact with water.

  1. Stay Away From Rubbing Or Playing With The Lashes

It is true that the lashes are extremely tempting to touch. Try to stay away from touching the beautiful lashes every now and then. They are lucrative and incredibly beautiful to pamper. But touching them is a big no-no. Also, do not rub your eyes if you find a little irritation after the session. Natural oil from your hand may damage the lashes, and they may fall out permanently. Many of the little tips that make your lashes long lasted will be demonstrated by the stylists when you hire the professional lash lift service in Canberra. Asking them about the lash care will never disappoint you anyway.

  1. Do Not Use Strong Eye Makeup For 48 Hours

Maintaining the lashes is not a hard task if you are attentive at the first few days of the treatment. The experts will surely tell you the harmful effects of the eye makeup. Do not panic ladies!! Makeup is not restricted forever. Avoid high makeup around the eyes at least 2 days after the lifting. Chances are the harmful chemicals of the makeup damage the lashes.

  1. Sleep On Your Back

As it is told that the lashes remain delicate for first 2 to 3 days, the experts for the lash Lift in Canberra would inevitably ask you to avoid lying on your stomach; else, the lashes may get rubbed with the pillows. As a result, the adhesives loosen up.



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