Want To Book A Mascot Character? Avoid These Common Mistakes!


Having a mascot character for your kid’s party can add a lot of fun. It lights all those little faces and makes them jumping for joy in anticipation of the fun and entertainment.

But as much fun as it is in arranging mascot parties, it can be tough to plan one. Right from snacks, fun-filled activities and popular mascot characters- everything should be perfect to keep those little superstars occupied and entertained right through the event.

And though you may handle most of the party arrangements, one aspect where most parents go wrong is selecting the right mascot character.

Don’t be like the others. Be smart and avoid these below-mentioned mistakes when booking a mascot character.

No Nightmare Fueling Character:- 

Kids today are smart and so, opting for characters like scarecrow, mimes or even evil crowns would ruin the mood for them on their special event. The last thing you want is to traumatise your little one. So be very careful on this aspect and avoid nightmarish characters which scare them deep-down.

Don’t Pick Any Random Character:- 

Another mistake on the part of parents is picking any random mascopt character for the event. The focus should always be on picking a character that appeals to these little kids and making them have a whale of time throughout the whole celebratory event.

A few popular characters include Fireman Sam, Mickey/Minnie Mouse, Pegga Pig and more.

Don’t Ignore The Age Appropriate Mascot Character:- 

Being a kid’s party primarily, you as a parent need to keep in mind the age appropriateness of your little one. If the participants are a bunch of toddlers, there is less chance that they would have seen Deadpool or Daredevil.

What you can do is consult with quality kids entertainment suppliers in Melbourne and ask them about the right options. The reputed ones will always invite you to check out their exciting mascot party arranngements suited to specific-aged kids.

Ideally, these popular mascot party packages that top-rated companies may provide will include:-

  • 1 mascot for 20-mins appearance.
  • Themed music and dance with kids.
  • Cake cutting and even photo sessions.
  • Company provided T-shirts to do balloon modelling for 15-20 kids for a span of 40-mins. Scope of extension for extra 30-mins for $50 more.
  • And mascot option will include:- Peppa Pig, Elmo, Fireman Sam, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Dora, Ninja Turtles, Minion, Olaf and Mickey Mouse as kids party entertainers in Melbourne for the event.

As a standard these packages will be for 1.5-2 hours. But as mentioned again, there is scope to extend it with some extra payment.

Capping Off:

These are some of the common mistakes which you as a parent should avoid when selecting a mascot character for your kids party.

One way to avoid this common blunder is to speak to a quality and reputedchildren party entertainer supplier near me and sort out the trending mascot characters that kids are fans of. It will help avoid confusion or making your little one feel disappointment with the celebration.




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