Want to Get Rid of Your Addiction? Know A Few Myths About It


Just like any other controversies in the world, addiction is surrounded by a number of myths. When it comes to drug addiction, a high dose of some substances create a lot of emotional issues, and a number of people opine a lot of things regarding its life-threatening impact. In this content, you will get to see some common myths buzzing around the drug abuse and addiction.

Get Rid of Addiction

Myth#1 – Addicts Can Stop Using Addictive Substances Whenever They Want

A lot of people believe that someone suffering from addiction makes the conscious choice of using drugs. Even, the close one thinks like, “if she loves me, she would stop.” And, if the addict chooses drugs, people feel like they are choosing drugs over their beloved ones. According to consultants from drug rehab centres in Brisbane, addiction defines the enduring condition that freak out the users to compulsorily search out and use the substances.

Myth#2 – Addiction Causes Your Moral Values Down

This myth is quite tricky to believe. Using an addictive substance is a choice, especially, in the early days of your smoking. Sometimes, people are drugged without their knowledge, and the addict starts craving for it eventually. Well, it doesn’t mean the addiction comes with it. Did you know some people are able to use a substance multiple times without getting addicted? Several factors influence addiction:

  • The surrounding environment
  • Any kind of trauma or family upbringing
  • Personality or psychological factors like emotional requirements and impulsivity influence it too.

Did you know addiction is marked by predictable changes in the brain? And this is why people call addiction a diseases.

Myth#3 – Only Hard Drugs Are Dangerous

Drugs like cocaine, heroin are known to be highly addictive drugs, which are dangerous as well as powerful. But these are not the only drugs, which are dangerous. According to consultants from alcohol rehab in Brisbane, any substance that leads to addiction and dependence can be dangerous.

Myth#4 – Rehab Really Doesn’t Work

Rehab is a highly effective form of treatment that helps the addict by removing him/her from the current environment. The aim is to focus on the treatment for a period that lasts between 28-90 days. Rehab is not lifelong cure through; a long-lasting specialised program is recommended that targets the whole person instead of only addiction – rehab is an essential part of it.

Well, there are more such countless myths are floating around the drug abuse, alcoholism. But you have to be knowledgeable enough to overcome the addiction and dependence.



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