Want to Install Subway Tiles for Your Bathroom? Know How to Choose


Subway tiles have been originated from the walls of the subway stations in the year of 1904 in the NewYork city. They were popular and continue to offer clean lines, tight grout joint with the inherently simple design style. Here are 7 popular ways of how subway tiles are used in the bathroom.

  1. The Classic Appeal: It’s quite hard to beat the simplicity, authenticity and timeless elegance of white subway tiles. When combined with the white grout, it can put a seamless effect with the other features in the bathroom. For example, bath-ware furniture, floor surface, various materials and towels are thigh with which the tiles can represent well.
  2. Size of the Tiles: The classic subway tiles in Perth are mostly used for bathroom in 75mm x 150mm size. There are more such formats used, including ultra-slim and contemporary profile that is 70mm x 240mm and larger 100mm x 400mm. Bigger the subway tiles, it’s a better contemporary element to add to your bathroom. 
  3. Tile Colour: There is a huge number of colours and textures available in subway tiles. It can add a contemporary edge with the traditional white or use other colours to bring a character to the bathroom. 
  4. Grout Colour: Want to make your bathroom stand out? Coloured grout makes it possible. Why not choose the contrasting grout colour according to the colours of tiles. It will highlight each and individual tile creating a grid-like effect on the walls. 
  5. Tile Orientation: Want to add an ultramodern ambience to your bathroom? It is possible by applying the subways tiles vertically, instead of adding them horizontally. It will not only add the sense of modernity but also adds height to your bathroom.
  6. Marble Subway Tiles: When it comes to adding sophistication, you can’t beat the subway tiles. It adds a different level of elegance with pattern variation and veining. 
  7. Protect Your Wallpaper: If you’re planning to decorate your bathroom with wallpaper, it is important to consider how well it can resist water splash and moister. So, either you can install it out the splashing range, or you can print the favourite pattern on the subway tiles. 

Lastly, to welcome the modern appeal with a bathroom renovations in Perth, you don’t have to install subway tiles for every wall. You can limit to a single wall, and then contrast it with different types of tiles. Now you know how to use subway tiles to bring modern yet classic appeal to your bathroom. So, call the professionals to bring a modern appeal to your bathroom.



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