Want To Make Your Ponytail Hairpieces Last Longer? Know How To Maintain


If you are a hair extension user, you should know how to take care to let it last longer. A good quality hair extension is not cheap, and with a limited budget, all you can do is following some hair extension maintenance tips for a longer use. You should give a high level of attention to take care of ponytail hair pieces. Here are few tips in this content to know how to take care of your extensions:

Wash less for longer life: With proper care, clip-in ponytail extension last longer for years or even longer. However, facts like frequency and styling are the factors that determine the lifespan of the ponytail hair extensions. Usually, ponytail extension retains its shine and strength up to two years or more. However, the ponytails shouldn’t be washed after every use. But whenever you clean them, use a bit of shampoo every time. But, too much of shampoo will dry the extension at the faster rate.

Don’t forget to moisturise your extension: Due to being artificial styling factor, extensions lack natural sources of hydration. Hence, it is necessary that you supply a natural source of moisturiser by keeping the clip-ins inside the original boxes and keep the boxes in clean and dry places.

Use a proper storage for your extension: Proper storage for your ponytail hairpieces is necessary to keep it detangled as well as damage-free for long. Soon after applying your just-bought hair pieces online in Australia, comb it properly from bottom to top. Use your hands instead of a brush when untangling the knots. Use light hand where brushing the ponytail extension to reduce the breakage.

Not to do things while handling hairpieces: If you don’t want to face any significant shedding, you have to follow certain things, which are as follows-

  • Combing tangles from the root
  • Use of vent brush in tangled hair
  • Using hair accessories that cause break-out hair
  • Heat the extension too-often
  • Using hair products that are made of harsh alcohol

Well, with a good hair care routine, you can wear those hair extensions for years to come. Moreover, don’t forget to consult a professional to get the help in styling and care your extension.



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