Want to Paint your House? Remember These Facts before You Do


Who doesn’t want a home with lots of colours stuck to the walls? The reflection of a particular colour from a wall makes you feel relaxed. The texture of another one makes you wonder about how science proceeded. The shades of colours put seeds of creativity in the soil of your heart.

Wait a minute! Are these the only facts you need to know about paints? What about general knowledge? What is the chemical composition of different paints? How many kinds of paints are there available in the market in today’s world? What effect does paint have on your mind?

They are interesting, aren’t they? Well, you won’t be tested on your patience anymore. Here are some interesting facts that you possibly did not know about paints:

The Paint Tube

You may live in the city of Perth. But, be it commercial painting or personal painting to colour your Perth residence, they all use a certain thing called the paint tube. Well, we’ve got to be grateful for that to America. American painter John Goffe Rand actually invented the paint tube in the year 1841. Before that, it was kind of gross. Oil-based paints were stored in animal bladders!

Triple ‘Cs’

There are three colours you can’t create by mixing other colours. They are red, yellow and blue. That is fascinating, isn’t it?

Various Virtues

Well, paints, i. e. colours are virtuous. You may think they give your walls a good ‘look’ and protect them from harsh weather conditions. Well, they do another thing. They influence your psychology by producing different kinds of soothing effects on your mood. Cool shades deliver a feeling of happiness while warm shades boost up your internal energy.

In the Ancient Ages

Paint is basically about colours. In the ancient Egypt, you wouldn’t have got a variety of colours as there were only the basic ones. But, what were the ingredients to compose such colours? One of these ingredients was animal blood! Apart from that, clay, tree sap and semi-precious stones were also used. You can bet the people of the painting services in Perth don’t know that.

Buy and Use

The company that launched ready-to-use paints for the first time is Sherwin-Williams. Now, you’d find a lot of companies like it.

A Wink to the Wastage

Paints are used a lot, and they are wasted a lot! It is a fact that the latex paint is actually a white-oil-based paint normally speculated as a household waste product. Be sure to dump it in the correct place.

A Time-Consuming Case

The Sistine Chapel is composed of a ceiling space covering 5,000 square feet. Michelangelo Buonarroti was on the duty of painting the chapel. He took over four years to complete the entire work.

Banned Much Later

Lead-based paints were known for their negative side-effects since the 18th century. But, this kind of Paints was finally prohibited in the year 1978, which is in the 20th century.

You can play a fun game with the professionals you hire from the painting services available in Perth. But, most importantly, be really careful while dealing with paints because, despite their aesthetic charm, they’re still chemicals.



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