Want to Park Your Car Like a Pro- a Few Tips to Consider


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Want to be a good driver who can do swift parking? Well, it’s not rocket science, getting a car driving lesson can teach you the necessary maneuvering skills. All you have to do is pull it into the spot in the parking area, get out and lock the doors. Isn’t it that simple?

Of course! It is simple, but what if your hands are not that good at balancing the wheels for such hold-move-stop? Here are such pro tips to take your skills to the next level in brief-

Set and Forget It

Whether you’re driving manual or automatic vehicle, always set your parking brake. But why? According to driving instructor in Melbourne, activating the brake will reduce the wear on your parking pawl, which is a metal pin that prevents the transmission’s output shaft from turning. It is a lot more expensive if parking pawl breaks to avoid unnecessary wear.

Even, frequent use of the parking brake keeps the rust from forming on the part of the parking brake. So, when parking at an inclined area, make sure the parking brake won’t get stuck.

Trick The Use of a Tennis Ball

When you’re about to park a car in a garage, a tennis ball can be your incredible time saver. Park your car, grab the ladder and hang the tennis ball above with string in a way that it slightly touches your windshield. After this, whenever you pull your car in your garage, aim for that tennis ball and you will park perfectly without risking your car in any accidental bumps.

Parking In the Snowy Winter

Though it is rare in Australia, you should stay prepared for such circumstances. You never know what nature will unfold next to you. So, if it is winter with snow or travelling a snowy place by road, park your vehicle facing east. Why? It’s that simple, as it warms up the ice due to sun rays, it ensures less scraping from your end. Even putting some kitty litter around your tyres can make the way out of the snow-drifts.

Why not use some technology to park smarter? Some apps like “Cheap Parking”, “Parkhound”, “PayStay” can provide you with the information on some areas deciding the price and let you simplify the trip! Driving lessons in Melbourne can get you accustomed to use your Smartphone to remember your parking spot while driving outback areas. Even, you can take a snap of the locations to get better assistance on parking on your next trip.



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