Want to Renovate Your Property? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself


Renovating your home is a huge task and requires a lot of attention to details. However, if you set yourself with up with clear plans and have some knowledge about what renovation takes, then there won’t be any headache at all. So, keeping yourself well-informed needs you to ask yourself a few questions-

What is the Purpose of Renovation?

It is important to know which part of the property you want to renovate and why it should be there. Whether you want the renovation to accommodate people or want to add value to the property- the investment should be based on the future perspective.

What is Trending Now?

When it comes to matching the market value of a competitive property, you must know the trends buzzing now. Why not ask your local real estate agent to know what sort of property designs have the potential of getting sold. And improve your property accordingly. If you have an old property and want to restore it to put on the lease, then you must remember to hide the major structural issues during the renovation.

Do You Need Approval? 

Be it new building or extension- it requires development application/assessment from the local council. And, depending on your local council, sometimes you have to gain fast-tracked approval for some renovation work. For example, renovation for bathroom and kitchen is something you have to deal with priority. Talk to the house renovations specialist in Manly Cost and find out how to get approval for renovation and what you need to prepare for submission.

How much can you afford? 

You have to be realistic while talking to the designers and know how much you can afford for the renovation. It will be a good thing if you get quotes in writing from at least 3 builders, and you can easily chalk out your plan about what to include and exclude in your renovation plan. Expectedly, there would be 45–50 per cent of the cost will be spent on the materials, 30–35 per cent will be for labour and 20–25 per cent for taxes, GST and levies.

Do You Need Designers for Your Renovation Plan?

If your existing building plan is quite challenging, then construction services in Manly can save your time and money by appointing someone professional. The professionals can draw up the plans, and it must comply with building and planning regulations.

Lastly, don’t forget to check the credentials of anyone you are hiring for your home renovation work. There are many builders who project-manage the works or sometimes hire someone else for that. So, ask them accordingly to remove the chances of any surprise in your budget.



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