Want To Rent a House On Lease? A Few Things To Keep In Mind


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Moving in a new location is no doubt a tiresome job. Starting from vacating the previous place, to keeping account of moving items, shipping etc. make your relocation quite a tricky thing to do. However, as a tenant, you must be doing your own research on the dwelling and surrounding idea. So, know a few things before you check out!

Know how lease works:

When renting a property, it is the most important thing anyone should understand. The legal agreement between you and the landlord defines how long you’ll be renting your property, your responsibilities being a tenant, and how much you will be paying during the tenancy.

Know what your rights are:

According to online real estate agency in Newtown, there are certain rights you’re entitled to when leasing a property. As an example, your landlord can’t force you to pay general repairs and maintenance routine. Moreover, you have the right to privacy. Which means, the landlord can’t show up to the property without announcing.

Talk about your pets:

Bring your pets early during the negotiation. it will clear the question bubbles in mind. If the landlord doesn’t want pets, the tenant can look somewhere else.

How much money you need to pay in advance:

There is no said amount to pay in advance. However, talk to your local real estate agent in Newtown to find if the landlord is asking you to pay one month’s salary in advance.

Repair and maintenance:

Being tenant, it comes as your responsibility to keep the property undamaged and in good condition to live in. Apart from the damages caused by you, the landlords have to organise and pay for repairs as necessary including the emergency ones. If problems aren’t fixed within the reasonable amount of time or any of your items have been damaged during the repair by the landlord, you can claim as per the contents insurance.

Leaving the property:

Upon the expiration of the lease, you either can renew the lease, or you can move out. However, if you’re not leaving the property, you have to provide a notice a few weeks prior in a written statement. It is regardless to say that you should leave your property in a clean and well-maintained condition that will help you further to get the bond money back.

Apart from the things mentioned above, you have to understand the importance of neighbours, manage some housemate disputes, moving out, and etc. before jumping into the world of renting.



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