Want to Travel To Australia? Know The Things Before You Fly


Whether you know or not, Australia is the home fantastic beaches to surf across, outbacks and coffee culture to explore and the cute Koala bears. Before you decide to give this place a visit, there is a list of things to explore the land Down Under. Read this content to decide whether you are going up with the requirements or not-

  • Visa requirements:No matter how long you’re going to spend in Australia, you need to avail the valid visa to get an entry into the country. There are a number of online visa application websites like erovisa.com.au if you are going to travel Straya as a tourist. However, it is something important to note that some countries require your passport to be valid for 6 months, at least. For travel visa in Sydney, there is no minimum passport validity time, and you can stay, as long as the permit is valid.

  • Quarantine laws are strict:Australia has beautiful landscapes which are free from pests and diseases. In order to refrain any pest effect, Australian Government takes the quarantine laws very seriously. So, as soon as you arrive in Australia, you have to declare the food, plant or animal products you’re carrying.


  • It’s better if you familiarise yourself to the quarantine laws before you finish your packing, and you if you’re not sure whether to declare a food item or not, report it anyway.

  • Be cautious about the weather: Australian summers are hot and harsh sometimes, and the temperature above 40 degrees Celsius is normal for people here. Whereas New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria stay snowy, the Northern part remains hot and humid.

  • Plan your trip: Whether you’re planning to fly into Sydney to check out the great ocean road or if you’re looking to snorkel the great barrier reef in Uluru next day, it will take proper planning. Whether you know or not, Australia is the sixth largest continent in the world, which is almost come same as the US.

  • Choose the transport option: As soon as you step off the plane, an airport transfer is the easiest way to get to your destination. Each state has it’s own transport system, for example, in Sydney, you can catch trains, buses and ferries to get around using the Opal card.

Lastly, add a few colloquial words and phrases, when you arrive in Australia. And, there are 3 time zones, which can change up to 5, during October-march, when Daylight Savings Times kicks in.



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