Warning Signs That Not All Is Well With The Load Bearing Wall


The load-bearing walls are among the most important components that keep a building erect. Hence, you cannot remove these walls at the drop of a hat, nor can you afford to have them erected in the wrong way. It will invite disaster for your building.

However, all said and done, at times, hard-luck strikes and these walls are indeed set up incorrectly. While, that might not knock down your home instantly, but will surely return certain telltale signs, which will tell you that something is wrong with the load-bearing wall of your home. And when that happens, you need to take immediate action if you are to avert a life-threatening disaster!!!

Here are a few signs you should never ignore.

Windows and doors are sticking or rubbing

Whenever there is an issue with this wall, it has a direct effect on the doors and windows. The panes of the doors and windows will start sticking and rubbing with each other, whenever efforts are made to open or close them.

This happens as the critical angle between the load-bearing wall and the ceiling gets distorted, and that disturbs the dimensions of all the walls, including the ones with the doors and windows.

When this happens, you need to get in touch with the company that is into professional wall removal business in Perth. They would take suitable measures to guide you out of the muddy waters.

Ceiling sagging and dropping down

When there is an issue with how can the ceiling be left unaffected? While removing the wall will cause the entire wall to sag if by any chance the wall is defective or weakened, the edges of the ceiling where it meets the wall, the joist and the trusses will start cracking, and the cracks will run from the ceiling to the load-bearing walls as well. The reason is pretty obvious — the wall has weakened or is not built correctly, and is not able to bear the weight of the ceiling any longer.

You need to immediately summon professionals who are into load bearing wall removal in Perth and building by using various methods. But that’s another story.

The floor of the multi-storied apartments sagging

Now let us get to the other side of the coin. If the ceiling of a multi-storied building starts developing cracks around its edges, it is the same story for the other side of the ceiling, that’s the floor of the floor above.

If you find the floor is not level at the corners and have developed cracks, jump into action immediately. It’s a red flag for you…with capital ‘R’. You need to get in touch with professionals from an authorised and certified load bearing wall removal company, which will be able to take steps and remove the wall altogether and set it up afresh to arrest the issue.



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