Ways to Save Your WET iPhone- Crucial Dos & Don’ts!


It is often easy to think water seeping into your iPhone can cause damage to its electrical components and even electrical flashes. But believe it or not, it is harder than you imagine for water from entering your device circuitry and ruining it. Even after being soaked in water, its battery doesn’t corrode immediately.

So, in simple terms- NOT ALL HOPE IS LOST! Such accidents are very common among smartphone users. But there are ways by which you can save your wet iPhone and nurture it back to health.

Here in this post; you will learn about certain dos & don’ts to follow immediately after the disaster.

Starting With the Don’ts:

  • Avoid Putting It In Rice: — Believe it, this is a misconception. Doing so will allow tiny rice grains to get in through the small openings in your device. Plus, it will expose your device to more dust, and that possibly could hamper the motherboard and other sensitive parts of the device.
  • Don’t Keep It Anywhere near A Space Heater: — Don’t keep your wet iPhone anywhere near a space heater. The heat exposure could potentially overheat the device and even cause it to burst.
  • Skip Using a Hair Dryer to soak up the Moisture: — Using a hairdryer to soak up the moisture from the device will only damage its internal components. So, avoid using a hairdryer.
  • Refrain From Switching It When Wet: — Never switch on your device when it is soaked. Experts offering mobile phone repairs near Geelong recommend not to switch on your device in the initial 24–36 hours. Keep the device in a standing position for that length of time to let the water drain out.

Now with the Dos:-

  • Remove the Case & Shake the Water Out:- The first thing to do is remove the back cover and allow most of the water to come out from the headphone jack, charging connector and other areas which allows water to seep in.

You can also shake your device slightly to allow water to spill out. Alternatively; you can use paper towels to absorb as much water as possible.

  • Remove the Sim Card: — Once done, remove the SIM card to protect it and wipe the slot using a paper towel.
  • Use Silica Get Packets: — You can also think of using silica get packets (something which you easily get with food packets or in art supply or hardware stores). They are known to dry off moisture quickly.

Try out these dos and don’ts whenever you drop your device in a pool of water. If it still doesn’t work; you can get in touch with iPhone water damage repair technicians in Ballarat and get it fixed professionally.



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