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Tactical Sunglasses

Have you seen those Marines on those weird looking sunglasses taking part in military operations? If you have, then those are the tactical sunglasses that are altogether new type of device that differs so much from the conventional stuff.

What Is So Special About the Ballistic and Tactical Eyewear?

Let us at first know what the term, ‘ballistic’ means generally. The term, ‘ballistic’ means anything that is moving freely. It can be a missile, a cannonball, a bullet fired from a definite source or any other object that is free flying. Now the term technically has everything to do with military operations, intelligence gathering, combat and the likes.

Ballistic and tactical sunglasses protect the users from various dangers that are expected in hostile and hazardous situations like those faced during combats. In places like the Middle East where intense heat and dust storms are the order of the day, these tactical goggles make all the difference. So these devices are specifically designed to offer additional protection from impact when the military is expected to carry out operations in harsh conditions like in the Middle East.

Ballistic Eye Gears Outside Military

It’s not that these eye gears are exclusively used in the military. They are extensively used in the civilian sector as well. That’s why there is enough room for confusion as regards to what makes a sunglass ballistic-rated. The terms, ‘ballistic’ and ‘tactical’ are used interchangeably in the casual tele-a-tete, though the reality is entirely different.

Tactically speaking, not every ballistic eye gear is designed and manufactured for tactical use, and not every tactical eye gear is ballistic.

Ballistic Testing

Every ballistic eye gear has to undergo rigorous ballistic tests, and they are provided certification only when they pass these tests. These tests are generally conducted in a live field environment, wherein these eyeglasses are subjected to projectiles that fly at high speed and velocity.

The velocity that these eye gears are subjected to is at least four times more than that the conventional industrial and civilian eyewear are subjected to.

These tactical eyeglasses are a bit extra functional, reasonably comfortable, devoid of bright colour and designs and getups that are distracting. They are also designed in such a way that they can easily be disinfected.

Why Does the Military Need Them?

The military mainly needs these sunglasses for optimal protection of eyes and the adjoining areas. Here are some of the positive results that these Airsoft Goggles have brought in:

  • Combat ocular trauma, which was very frequent amongst the military personnel in the past is almost a thing of past. This has been the result of the introduction of these tactical eye protection gears.
  • A major portion of combat eye injury results from explosions from high energy explosives and projectiles and various types of improvised explosive devices. Gunshots or explosions of conventional explosives hardly cause any damage to eyes.
  • Combat Ocular Trauma is an extremely complicated medical condition and generally involves multiple organs of the system, unlike the civilian ocular trauma.

So these are the areas where these tactical eye gears make all the difference. Off late, the civilians are also using these sunglasses due to their value-added features.



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