What are the different types of Australian Business Visa People Can Apply for their New Venture?


In order to move to the land down under, it is of paramount importance for you to acquire an official permit in the form of visa. There are numerous options for immigrants who desire or require visiting Australia. There are numerous people who settle in Australia every year, whether it be for a job or higher studies. However, there are different types of visa required to settle down in Australia. In order for a business person, they need a business visa to start their business. Apart from the business visa, there are other visas as well.

  • Visitor Visas

For a business person, in the event of entering Australia for carrying out business, the visitor visa option is available. A business comprises conducting negotiations, conferences, exploratory visits, and site inspections. The above is a business short-stay visa, which makes it feasible for a business person to travel devoid of any limits within Australia. Besides this, each of the visits can extend up to three months long. You will be the one to decide upon the validity of this business visa in Sydney, which can be extended up to the same as of your passport that is 5 years. 

  • Permanent Residence Visa

In order for you to settle permanently in Australia, one can apply for a business visa in Parramatta under the two main categories of migration, the migration program and humanitarian program. In the migration program, Australian government opts for the potential migrants on the basis of certain factors, which comprises business, and several others such as financial resources, age, skills, health, English language proficiency, and family. 

The business migrants come under the skilled migrant’s category; however, it has its own category due to the numerous special provisions classified under the scheme. The above falls under the business skills and is intended for the business person. It tends to encourage successful people in order to permanently settle down in Australia for developing their existing or even a new start-up venture. Business owners, as well as investors, can apply for the visa via this category. Besides this, there are a total of 3 categories beneath this scheme.  

  1. Investment 
  2. Business owner
  3. Business talent 

Therefore, these are the two main business visas that people can apply for beginning or extending their business in Australia. Hence, you can apply any of these visas in the beginning and extend it as per your requirements.



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