What are the Extensive Uses of Water Trucks in Australia?


water trucks

The need for water trucks has always been quite prevalent in different parts of Australia because of climate dust control. Other than that, construction work (commercial and residential), mining, roadwork or for drinking water supply – the use of portable water is all about the country indeed. That is the reason why more and more companies are joining the industry or water supply chain to make sure the industry can cater to the growing demands of water supply all over the country. And also, if being a part of the property can help in earning a sustainable profit, then, why not go for this option!

Now, let’s throw some light on the water truck and find out the extensive uses of these water trucks in Forrestdale for different purposes. Read on to find out.

The Speciality of A Water Truck

The mechanism of water trucks is slightly different from that of the other vehicles usually used for transportation purpose. While the other tracks are meant for transporting solid substance, the water trucks are responsible for carrying a moving load. That is why the chassis and subframe of the tank are to be explicitly designed so that it can prevent the damage of both tank and the truck.

Based on the varied application of the water trucks, the attachments are included in the vehicle. Usually, pumps, sprays, reels or hose pipes, fill points, and the outlets are some of the standard inclusions that almost every water truck has. Also, the size or the capacity of the water trucks can range from 1,000Lt to 50,000Lt.

Use of Water Trucks in Australia

As mentioned above, the use of water truck for supplying different purposes is in quite a few areas indeed. Let’s find out some of the major regions.

  • Civil Construction 

The most common use of water truck supply is for civil construction purpose. Australia’s climate dust management is quite troubling, and there is no doubt about the fact that the dust accumulation gets more intense during road construction. In such cases, the unsealed roads need regular water spraying to manage the dust issues.

  • Potable Water Supply

The companies have dedicated water trucks for supplying potable water near Perth. It is considered as the prime duty of the water supplier to make sure that the tank used for water supply is approved for food-grade usage.

  • Mining Sector

In the mining sector also, the water supply is in much need for suppressing the dust and further environmental rehabilitation. According to the regulations, the trucks used in these mining sectors are off-road trucks that meet the standard for mine specification.

Hope you have got a brief about the basics of the need and purpose of water supply in Australia. Now choose a reliable water supplier that offers timely service to the ones who need a contamination-free water supply.



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