What are the Four Types of Toilets?


There are many elements that can be added to your toilets. Many homes have separate toilets and bathing rooms. While some like to keep both together, preferences matter a lot. Moreover, the commode needs to be enough to accommodate you and make you comfortable to ease your bowel movements!

  • The most ideal ones are Two-Piece Toilets. By far it is the most common type of toilet used in the whole of the USA. Here the tank and the bowl are created separately. They are attached together at the time of installation. These are quite bulky, which makes their installation a bit difficult. They might be difficult to install but are quite easy to clean! They are not ideal for small children but are pretty great for adults as their height is a bit tall.
  • The second type of toilets used in Perth is the One Piece Toilets. They will serve the same purpose as the Two-Piece ones but these are sleeker. They are quite easy to clean and relatively simple to install! These might be a bit more expensive but are relatively quite durable! So if you have a small bathroom, then these can be your ideal choice as they do not take up much space.
  • The next type is the Wall Hung Toilets. So if you have accommodated a Jacuzzi and find yourself short of space, then this type of toilets is absolutely ideal for you. They are hung on the walls and their tanks are not visible as it is hidden inside the wall. This type is mostly found at malls as they beautify the surroundings and are superior and modern in their design.
  • The last and most expensive type of toilet is the Smart Toilet. They will give you the most comfortable experience as they are built-in with an intelligent system. They have automatic flushers! It has various enhancements such as the heated seats, hands-free automatic flushing, self-cleaning wands, and seats that are able to deodorize themselves!

Toilets can be even made from cheap tiles of Perth but in spite of this, they must be functional and fit your bathroom design if it is attached to it. The toilets have come a long way, be it in design or their functionality. Choose the one that suits your needs and be careful to buy the ones with good flushing ability!



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