What are the Various Options for Resurfacing Your Pool?


Choosing a new surface will bring your pool back to life. It will make it highly attractive, along with increasing the structural integrity and longevity of the pool.

As the surface acts as a waterproof coating, it prevents early destruction of the concrete. Also, it ensures that chemicals present in the water do not get absorbed in the shell.

Make Your Pool Look Modern and Inviting

Getting pool renovations in Gold Coast done by hands of expert professionals will help in making your pool look modern and inviting for forthcoming years. With a plethora of choices available in terms of pool surface, making the right choice is easy.

Various Options for Pool Resurfacing

Every surface has its advantages. Based on your most preferable look along with feeling and budget, it will become easy to choose the right option for pool resurfacing.

Below is a list of viable options for pool resurfacing:

  • Colourmaker pool paint — People planning to go for an affordable option must go with the option of colourmaker pool paint. With lots of options to choose from, you can make the right choice.

It needs to be re-applied at an interval of eight years to carry on with the glaze. Regular cleaning will prevent the growth of algae.

  • Fully tiled — If you are searching for a highly durable option, then better go with full tiling. Low maintenance, attractive look along with a silky and smooth feeling are some exclusive features.

It is one of the most expensive options for pool resurfacing. It takes a bit more time to apply.

  • Pebblecrete — Pebblecrete is high quality and long-lasting option for resurfacing the swimming pool. As it lasts for more than ten years, it has been regarded as a highly cost-effective option. The pebblecrete resurfacing of pool in Gold Coast is inclusive of a strong grip for minimizing risks of accidents.

As the surface is a bit rough, it will be better to get the job of removing algae done by professional cleaners.

  • Quartzon — Quartzon is created with the help of small quartz crystals to come up with an appealing effect. Available in numerous exclusive hues ranging from crisp to aqua green, it is easy to make the right choice. Smooth surface, high tensile strength and durability are some featured characteristics.

Regular maintenance is required at the time of the start-up phase to enhance durability. An extra chemical must be added at an interval of six months.

With numerous options available, it will become easy to go with pool resurfacing near Gold Coast to give an enchanting look to your swimming pool.

Pool resurfacing will help in enhancing the overall longevity and look of your swimming pool. With numerous choices available, making the right choice remains no more difficult.



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