What Are the Various Options of Acne Treatment That One Can Consider?


Whether you will make up your mind to treat acne or not is purely your personal decision. While some would prefer to have the scars removed due to emotional reasons, others would do it purely out of apprehension that the scars may leave their skin disfigured. They do so make sure they can restore the appearance of the skin.


The common acne procedures include:




This is an extremely effective acne scar removal treatment, in which a high-speed brush or any other rough instrument is used for resurfacing the affected skin and remove the scars from within or reduce their depth.


However, this cannot be achieved overnight, as once done, you need to wait for several days before you can see your skin healing and return to normalcy.




As the name suggests, it is a less intensive and vigorous version of dermabrasion. The aesthetician or the dermatologist of a beauty salon in Melbourne would use a specially designed spray of minute crystals rather than using a high-speed brush for removing the surface skin. However, unlike the dermabrasion, you will need multiple sessions to have the scars completely removed. However, in this case, you do not have any downtime.


Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels are also at times used for reducing the shallow scars resulted by acne, along with the hyperpigmentation around the acne lesions that remain overtly swollen. These peels can either be administered by doctors or a salon aesthetician of a beauty salon.


The process involves the application of certain non-pervasive chemicals, which remove the outer layer, lending a smoother, even appearance to the skin.


Retinoic Acid


Certain tissue scars, which are deeper and hence cannot be treated by the traditional treatment, are treated by retinoic acid. In this process of acne treatment in Melbourne, a cream rich in retinoic acid is directly applied on the scars, thus helping them to reduce its appearance, more so if the scars are of keloid variety.


Laser treatment


As the name suggests, in this type of treatment low-intensity laser beams are bombarded on the scars, killing the affected cells instantly. However, the after-effects of the scars caused because of the intervention of the laser beams take some time to disappear.


The other options of treatments include laser treatment, use of fillers, punch excisions, skin grafting.


So you see, there are so many options of treatment to choose from. Hence, to make sure all these options are tried out, you need to visit the best salon that is into treatment acne. The specialist will consider the condition and will suggest the best and the most effective option.



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