What Causes Those Spooky Carpet Stains To Re-appear Even After Cleaning?


Since carpets are an integral part of your interior floor cover, cleaning it properly provides immense satisfaction! But what if- the very next morning you wake up and find those stains reappear creepily on its surface? It is enough to freak out even the strong-hearted and send them into a downward spiral or dis-belief and frustration!

So, what’s the mystery behind it? Is it because of some supernatural effect, inappropriate cleaning approach or something else? The answers lie in this plummeting post!

The Mystery Behind Reappearing Stains On Carpets:-

If you notice those creepy stains or marks reappear on your expensive carpet surface, the chances are that it could be a new stain which forms over the left behind residue. This could be to due to soapy solutions left behind after cleaning- be it via DIY cleaning or by inexperienced local cleaners.

Using soapy detergents is anyway not apt for cleaning carpets- especially those in light-coloured hues. Most soapy solutions or even dishwashing detergents, for that matter, don’t get rinsed off easily. They tend to leave behind an oily-sticky residue which serves as a dirt magnet.

What’s worse is, these leftover sticky residues are not so-easily noticed by the naked eye. And that gives homeowners the wrong impression about their carpets being clean (post-wash), even when it’s far from it! In truth, these unsightly sticky and oily stain remnants make your pricey carpets more vulnerable to staining and soiling. And with time and accumulation of more pecks of dust, dirt and grime, they reappear!

Another Rational Explanation:-

Notable carpet cleaning specialists serving Kippa-Ring state

“These stains soak deep inside the carpet padding and backing. They combine with the existing moisture inside carpets- caused due to spills or inadequate drying.

In lucid terms- those stains remain stuck deep down inside your carpets, and when your carpet dries, they travel up to the carpet fibre and become noticeable.”

The Best Solution To Treat Your Carpets:-

To ensure those creepy stains don’t reappear on your carpet surface, get them cleaned by professional cleaners who have the right tools and experience. Ideally; you can opt for professional steam carpet cleaning which helps remove any stain residues and even breaks down adamant dirt. Furthermore, this steam cleaning approach uses minimal water, and it also allows your carpets to dry quickly.

So, The Moral Of The Story – If you notice stains reappearing on your expensive carpet surface, then summon carpet cleaning professionals in Rothwell and get them thoroughly cleaned!

This way, you will spare yourself from the HORROR and TRAUMA of spooky reappearing stains and keep those carpets looking spic and span for a sustained period.



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