What Makes a Level 2 Electrician’s Job Different From Local Electricians?


Electricity issues are sensitive and risky which need to be tackled by trained professionals. Since we all know that electrical disputes can lead to potential risks and can electrocute an entire property, there is a need for hiring professionals. Researches have shown that a vast majority of house fires result from electricity-related issues. Some leading issues which cause potential electrical hazards are poor wiring, defective electrical panel and loose power switch, or a malfunctioning GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters). These are red flags you need to be cautious of. Only an electrician specialising in installation, repair, replacement and maintenance of various types of electrical systems should be called upon for an electrical job.

However, electricians are of three distinct types based on their qualifications. Here we will like to explain how local electricians in Oran Park like any other place would differ from Level 2 electricians.

Normal or Level 1 electrician

A normal electrician is a professional chiefly focussing on the repair as well maintenance of an electrical system. When there is a normal electrical emergency, immediately call up a normal electrician, who will help repair and replace poor switches and switchboards, faulty wiring and installation of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters around wet areas of the house also, they can easily repair any blown off the fuse or circuit breaker. In addition, these professionals are licensed and trained to perform extension works on existing electrical systems. They can effortlessly handle requirements for increasing the electrical capacity of a current network.

Level 2 electrician

The level 2 electricians in Campbelltown, on the other hand are different from the normal electricians. The variance however depends upon their training or the license they hold. A Level 2 electrician holds a license to not just perform repair and maintenance of electrical systems. They have the knowledge and skill to perform installation work. Most interestingly, the level 2 electrician is capable of handling overhead or underground electrical works. Some critical services offered by a Level 2 electrician are as follows:

Installation of meter

A Level 2 electrician is authorised for handling a meter installation job at your premise.

Disconnection or reconnection jobs

Electricity companies have the right to disconnect the supply of power at a premise owing to safety reasons or non-payment of a bill. The disconnection jobs are mostly conducted by skilled Level 2 electricians.

Overhead or underground power supply

Electric power is chiefly transmitted through overhead or underground supply. While an underground supply will demand the establishment of power cables that run underground, overhead supplies are those that pass from above by means of electrical posts and cables. A Level 2 electrician is trained to install these cables and posts.

Upgrade power

Electricity is connected in a single or 3 phase. While the single-phase is meant for domestic use the 3 phase is applicable for commercial or industrial use. In case a need arises for you to switch to 3 phase, a Level 2 electrician is the only one to help you with the job.

The tasks of a level 2 electrician are more challenging and dangerous than a Level 1 professional.



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