What Makes Electronic Cigarettes Different from Regular Cigarettes?


Well, there has been too much of conjectures, misconceptions and myths regarding electronic cigarettes from the very beginning. Although there was no doubt behind the fact that e-cigarettes are worse compared to the regular cigarettes. But, it is the smokers of traditional cigarettes or the rolling paper lovers who always wish to know what exactly has made the difference in between these two.

So, here is a guideline for you that will help you in understanding how electronic cigarettes differ from that of the traditional cigarettes, for specific reasons.

  • Taste and Flavour

When it comes to taste and flavour, the electronic cigarette for sale in Australia available in the online stores are far better. You can choose your preferred e-liquid and enjoy the soothing explosion of flavour inside your mouth.

There are fruity flavour, cola flavour and even the tobacco flavour available in the variety of e-liquids that are there. But, with traditional cigarettes, you don’t really have much of the choices other than tobacco and mint.

  • Throat Hit – Is it Hard?

People who have been smoking for a long time are not likely to find any such difference in between the throat hit of electronic cigarettes in Melbourne and the traditional cigarettes. For most of them, both are just the same.

However, to the newly converted smokers of e-cigarettes, things are certainly not the same. Some of them can feel the difference between throat hit quite clearly.

“When I started smoking e-cigarettes instead of the traditional pack of smoke, I could feel the slightly ticklish feeling deep down the throat whenever I had two or more fags of e-cig.” – shared by Tim, an antique dealer from Melbourne.

However, the surveys have pointed out that the experience with throat hit differs for different brands. For some models, the throat hit is quite a bit hard, and for some, it’s just similar to the traditional cigarettes.

  • Difference in Weight

Apparently, it may seem that electronic cigarettes coming from the shops dealing with vape device supply in Sydney are a lot heavier. However, in reality, there is no such difference in between the weight of traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.

Well, you may feel some difference in the beginning while you switch the disposable cigarettes with these electronic devices. But, soon, it will not make any such difference.

So, here were the clarifications about electronic cigarettes that you were probably longing for. Make sure you clear out all your doubts before switching over to the e-cigarettes and enjoy vaping more than you have expected.



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