What Makes Laminate Flooring a Pet-friendly Option?



Pets are considered as a part of every pet owner’s family. Hence, when you are selecting the best laminate floor, you need to consider your pet’s perspective. Among all the flooring options laminate flooring is listed as one of the pet-friendly of all the flooring options because it is scratch-resistant.

Moreover, it looks like hardwood, which makes it more likely to get scratches from your pet. If you want to make your house more pet-friendly, then it will be best to laminate your floors.

Here is why laminate flooring is a pet-friendly option…

Laminate Flooring Installation in Sydney makes the floors scratch-resistant, which acts as a definite bonus for pet owners who have playful pets inside their homes.

A laminate floor includes two layers. The wear layer is designed to prevent any damage and followed by another plastic covering and the design layer, which portrays an image that you can see when you see the board. The base of the laminate floor is built by kind of fibreboard.

The lower layers are protected from scratches by the upper layer. You need to go for mid to high-end laminated floors for better results. However, choosing a less expensive brand will not help you prevent scratches.

Laminate Flooring in Canberra is beneficial for your pets, as it is relatively well insulated against heat during the hottest summer months, which make it a slightly cooler place for your pets to lie down in more humid climates.

Laminate floors are inclined to standing water. It also includes any messes that your pets might leave behind. However, when cleaning laminate floors ensure to use special products for cleaning, and make sure that those products are safe to use on laminate floors.

What kind of laminate floor is suitable for pets?

Smooth laminate floors, high-gloss finish minimises the traction for your pet’s paws. While choosing your laminate floor to ensure that it consists of an embossed or textured finish, as it offers more grip for scampering paws.

Therefore, you can install laminate flooring in Hunters Hill to make the floors are friendly for your pets. When installing laminate floors, you need to make sure to buy an underlayment.

Moreover, it will reduce noise and also absorb moisture in case of any pet accidents. Laminate is one of the easiest and fastest types of flooring to install. Since it is easy to install laminate, it is also not difficult to replace the damaged area.



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