What Makes Rendering a Beautiful Coating Option for Walls?


Whether you are looking for exterior or interior wall with a finished and attractive look, the right choice of rendering can help you to achieve that. If you are not sure about the rendering your house needs, take help of a professional renderer to know the suitable type for your home. Well, when it comes to adding an exciting feature to your interior wall, most people think about the paint to achieve the effect. But the renders could be an option too!

Even, you must know the fact that interior wall got rendered long before the invention of the plasterboard. Mud was the first material that renderers used to render the interior walls. While people are more into using cutting age rendering material, cement comes next to the acrylic rendering in Brisbane. Even today most house owners in Australia are transforming the indoor appearance with various rendering options.

acrylic rendering in Brisbane

What does the difference lie between the plaster and render?

The main difference between rendering and plastering is- renders can give walls the depth and texture that you can’t achieve with plastering. Professional rendering even makes their reputations by offering unique texture, and you would also get a number of styling options. Let’s know how renderers give some beautiful effects-

  • Use of some coloured renders and trowelling method to give the mud brick-like appearance.
  • Natural concrete renders give a modern yet modest look.
  • Renders combine with different colours to give a textured wall.

In order to add different effects on different walls, a renderer in Brisbane use sponges, rollers and trowels and other tools to apply the render. After being painted with single colour, rendered walls look like natural concrete and create an antique appearance.

How are the renders prepared?

Conventionally, render is the mixture of sand, lime and cement. This mixture takes a long time to dry and it is not 100% waterproof. In Australia, the mostly used rendering product is an Acrylic render, in which cement is added with a certain amount of polymer. The presence of polymer makes the rendering flexible, adhesive and waterproof. Moreover, it takes only two days for acrylic render to dry.

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So, what are the types of render you need for your house?

It is now a well-known fact that if you want to change the appearance of your wall, rendering could be the cost-effective solution that makes walls water-resistant and durable. Well, there is a fact you must know that every house is not made of same material. Hence, according to the material of your building structure, the four types of rendering options you can come across are-

  • The conventional way of mixing cement, sand and lime can make the rendering flexible that eventually prevent the cracking.
  • Acrylic render includes any type of render that includes acrylic plastic in the rendering mixture.
  • As another type of cement render, polymer-modified cement render come with added polymers that prevent cracking and holds the cement better.
  • Plastering indoor walls give a smooth application.

Well, rendering is not as easy as painting, and it needs skilled hands to add texture to the render. Rendering contributes a lot to get the featured walls with a unique appearance.

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