What You Must Know about AHD CCTV Camera Systems?


Modern security measures are incomplete without CCTV surveillance systems. With a range of growing facilities and more improved setups, CCTV camera systems have been able to make people worry less about their belongings.

However, confusion arrives right at the time of making the ultimate decision to buy them.

Is it the IP cameras you should choose or is it the AHD ones?
Both these types of cameras are equipped with a set of their individual privileges that may become specifically helpful for you. This blog has been written on AHD cameras. If that is your choice and you are bogged in your decision to buy it for some reasons, then read this blog on and find out if AHD camera is the thing you need for gaining a strong security system.

  • They Are Relatively Newcomers

Compared to other CCTV cameras, AHD cameras are much younger in terms of their appearance in the market. These cameras first entered the market in the year 2015. Since then, they have been populous.

  • They Offer Higher Resolution

AHD cameras offer a very high resolution. But, there’s a misconception too. Many people believe they have standard resolution of 960H. But the real thing is that these security camera systems in Penrith offer both 720p and 1080p resolution.Thus, you get both vivid details and colours in imaging and video recording.

  • They Are Compatible in the Analogue Way

The AHD system is easily compatible with the analogue setup. Use cables and set them up with the DVR and you’d get a superb video transmission.

  • They Have More Facilities with Cable Connections

AHD cameras use the same coaxial cabling as the traditional analogue cameras. But the good thing is this these cables cover a wide range of distance. This wasn’t present for the traditional analog security cameras.

  • They Aren’t Costly at All

All these facilities mentioned above may make you reckon that the AHD systems are highly expensive.

Well, they are not. A comprehensive setup of the AHD CCTV camera installation in Penrith will offer you the best security in a competitive price range. You just need to run a check about it online.

Before Wrapping Up

It is important to get a good brand, that offers products like AHD security cameras. Don’t rush. Check product descriptions, price tags, and…

…make your move to buy it.



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