“What’s Your Dream Car?”- Wedding Couples Favour The Ford Mustang!


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Every wedding couple want their wedding day to be memorable- preferably in more ways than one! And that not only includes the catering, decorations, attendance, but also the quality of their transportation. The common trend many wedding couples stick to is hiring traditional cars like the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, Bentley R-Type, Jaguar Mk2, even the Beauford Tourer

Other Popular Models Include As:-

  • The Volkswagen Campervan– particularly for bohemian and whimsical weddings.
  • The Chevrolet Impala 
  • The Dodge Challenger
  • And Dodge Charger

However, in recent times, there is one classic American Muscle car that has seen a whopping 300% surge in popularity is the FORD MUSTANG!

It Exudes ‘Timeless Elegance’ From Every Nook and Corner!

This classic American muscle rightfully deserves the title of ‘Iconic.’ And perhaps one reason why so-many wedding couples pick this over so many top-shelf models is to rub off its iconic aspect to their special occasion. 

  • Hosting a signature muscle car design perfectly matched with sports car dynamics, they deliver outstanding power and performance as you drive to your venue. 
  • Underneath its bonnet lies the signature V8 engine with 5.0L fuel capacity capable of churning 435-460 HP @ 7000-7500rpm. All this is what gives the Ford Mustang its vintage ROAR!
  • The vehicle comes with a premium chic feel, thus making it a top pick for all sorts of luxurious occasions.
  • Its sophisticated in-cabin houses cool driver-specific, tech and safety features to make every ride a memorable one. Getting one awesome combination of elegance, speed, aesthetics and affordability, this vintage model is sure to leave your guests awestruck.

Whatever The Mood Of The Wedding- A Mustang Will Be A Great Addition!

Another great thing about this vintage American car is its versatility. Regardless of a quiet-vibrant wedding, or a roaring celebratory one with your loved ones- making an EPIC entry in a Mustang will surely be one of the chief highlights of the event.

Popular Packages To Pick For Your Grand Entrance!

Staying true to the rising demands, quality Mustang car hire service providers in Sydney offer:-


  • 3 Vintage Mustang Arrangements for your wedding- popularly known as ‘Triple Treat Package.’


  • A ‘Monster’ arrangement of 2 classic Mustang models and 2 XY GT Falcons
  • And an arrangement of 3 Mustang models and 3 XY GT Falcons in the form of a ‘Full-House Package.’

These reputed Sydney wedding cars hire providers also include a gallery section so that you can get a clear idea of what you will be getting for your big day.

So… What’s Your Dream Wedding Car?

Ideally; to match up to the importance of your holy matrimony; you need an equally iconic car-BY NAME and BY-REPUTATION! And to be honest, very few can match up the iconic Mustang. So, without delay, contact a reliable Mustang car hire supplier in your area and make the necessary arrangements!



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