When My Airport Transfer Cab Driver Got Me My Lost Wallet!!


It was a sultry afternoon in Melbourne when my Emirates flight EK5429 landed in Tullamarine Airport at around 1240 hours. It was nice to be back home after a fortnight in Bankok for a business trip and I was raring to see my 5-year-old daughter Martha and wife Kellie. I had an airport transfer service in Dandenong pre-booked via my iPhone and as expected, the bloke was there at the T2 exit of the airport with his sedan cab.

I did not have too much luggage and hence, the sedan sufficed in terms of space and off we sped in flash for Dandenong for my home. It was a mere 50 minutes drive via the M1 and M2 motorways and I was elated. Bruce, by cab driver, was nice bloke is his mid-40s and we discussed a lot of things, more so about the razing bushfires and the steps taken by the authority to nab it. He was an AFL follower like me and Demons fan as well! Therefore, that was nice talking to him!

The anxious moments…

It was a smooth drive, through the tolls on M1 and M2, but it was the shortest route and I was happy till I casually wanted to feel my wallet in the back pocket of my trousers as we drove past Henty Street-Princes Highway Junction, along the service road. That’s when someone hammered my brain out of the skull. The wallet was missing!! I frenziedly looked for it on the floor of the cab and everywhere I could, but nowhere, it could be found. It was gone!!

I told Bruce and explained the situation and asked for a piece of advice from him. And he was so nice!! The first thing he did was that he turned towards Alt1 and started to drive back straightaway back to the airport. We were more than halfway away from it I thought it will cost me a huge amount as a penalty! Nevertheless, I was not in the position to do all those calculations for the wallet contained a handsome amount of dollars as well as my credit cards. I was aghast, thinking of the consequences of losing my wallet.

Lost and found….

All the way, Bruce pacified me, assuring that I will get my wallet back! I was not that sure, but still stayed calm, thanks to his constant assurance. At the entry gate, Bruce explained the entire episode to the securities and asked for their help. One of them got into the cab and guided us to their office a couple of yards by the T2 Departure lounge. It was a busy office, with the officers busy keeping an eye on the monitors, keeping a strict vigil on the airport nook and crannies. Bruce and that office explained the situation to the in-charge over there and that lady guided us to a side room, where along with a few other belongings, I found it…my priceless wallet..waiting for its owner!

So that was the end of the woes! Bruce drove me back to my Keys Street Home in Dandenong! It was such a horrifying experience that ended up on such high notes, thanks to Bruce and thanks to the policy of the airport transfer service company. I owe so much to them! And he didn’t take much extra, except for the fuel charge. But I thankfully gave him a few tips as a gesture of gratitude and invited him for a dinner that weekend! He obliged and he’s now a good of our family already!

The Final Words

I would advise to hire cabs from reputed companies that offer airport transfer service in Doveton and strike a good rapport with the cab driver. Trust me, it will pay off as it has in my case!



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