Which Countertop Colours Work Great With White Cabinets?


Those who appreciate minimalistic decorations, white cabinets always prove to be one of their favoured choices. But if you wish to accentuate the appearance of your kitchen, then a quality countertop (particularly in the right colour combination) can go a long way in achieving that.

But, choosing the appropriate countertop can always be a tough challenge! Marble, granite and quartz, all appear to be marvellous options to start, but knowing which countertop hue will complement your cabinet colour can be confusing- especially if you’re doing it alone and for the 1st time.



Worry not.  It is in situations like this when the experience of professionals specialising in kitchen renovations across Perth come in handy. 

And In Their Words, Here Are Some Trending Options Which You Can Opt For With White Cabinets:-

  • You can opt for white shaded countertops preferably in White Diamond Granite, White Carrera, Silver Galaxy Granite and Mist Granite.
  • If you wish for a more glitzy, eye-appealing countertop design; you can always opt for Copper Canyon Granite, Madura Gold Granite and Exotic Gold Granite
  • Furthermore, if you wish to accomplish a more dramatic appearance to your kitchen space in the company of white-coloured cabinets; trending options include Black Pearl Granite, Nero Marquina Marble, Matric Motion Granite!

For Off-White or Gray Cabinets:-

  • If you have off white or Gray cabinets; you can always pair it with other attractive countertop options such as White Diamond Granite, Taupe Gold Granite, Carnis Crema Marble, Amadeus Black Original Granite and Silver Galaxy Granite.
  • Other eye-pleasing countertop options to pair your off-white or Gray kitchen cabinets are– Imperial Red granite, Bamboo Green Granite, Bristol Blue Quartz!

Consult With Notable Kitchen Renovation Specialists Serving Across Perth:-

In lieu of each of these fabulously looking counter-top options; there are other trending choices that you can choose for your customised kitchen remodelling. 

However, to achieve the best possible appearance within your estimated budget, don’t hesitate in taking the help of professionals who offer custom kitchen renovations throughout Perth. Being in the industry for years, these specialists have ample knowledge about different full-fledged remodelling- be it kitchens or any other part of your house.

Other than helping you sort out the right countertop colour for your white cabinet, they will even advice you about cabinet layout, different accessories, layouts and more.

So, find one notable remodelling agency in your region and set up an appointment with their experts whenever you see fit. Using their industry know-how, they will turn your boring-looking kitchen space into a specimen of beauty.



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